Best Brand of Gel Nail Polish to Try

Gel nail polish has taken the nail industry to a new level ever since it has been introduced. Many women are now doing their own nails at home because gel polish is so convenient to use. Gel manicure has become a beauty mainstay because of its indestructible and impossibly glossy feature not to mention that it grips on to the nail tighter than traditional polishes.

But with the market flooded with so many options, many women find it so hard to decide which one to go for. So before you go for your next manicure, check out these top 10 must-have gel polish brands.


OPI gel


  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • Dries fast
  • Great applicator brush
  • Pigmented color


  • If no top coat is applied, it can chip easily

OPI gel polish is a high-end and high-quality brand of nail polish that can be seen in almost every salon. It has an extensive range of colors and funky polish names that most clients love. The quality of this product is well worth the price tag.

Kiarasky Gel

kiarasky gel


  • Applies smoothly and evenly
  • Long lasting
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on your nails


  • Needs a top coat

Kiarasky gel polish is known for their excellent and professional quality. Their polish can last up to three weeks on the nail chip free. With the wide array of colours that they have, customers have endless options for beautiful nails.


dnd gel


  • Used by professionals
  • Wide range of colors and finishes
  • Lasts three weeks


  • Requires a top coat

This comes in several finishes so you have a wide range of shades to choose from. Applying the product is very smooth and easy. Giving a stunning and supple looking nails that looks like it was freshly made from the salon. The colour doesn’t easily fade that is why many professionals also opt for this brand.


dnd dc gel


  • Long lasting
  • Chip-resistant
  • True to color
  • Smooth and even application
  • Affordable


  • The shine does not last very long, so a top coat is a must

When it comes to staying power, DND DC is a pro. The polish last for a few weeks without a chip or mark, looking just as good as the day it was first applied. Removal is also easy and the nails look great underneath after. The gel soaked easily and it doesn’t leave any trace. Many professionals and DIY women keep this in their nail kits.