Polish TBH Uniquely Me — A Very Special Polish (you should read this, really!)

Hello my lovelies! It’s Saturday, yet I am still feeling like crud. I seem to be stuck in the phase where the swelling is mostly gone, but what is left is putting pressure on my inner ear, causing some pretty annoying dizzy spells. No driving for me. But, I did manage to swatch last night, which makes it all better.

Today’s polish is a very special polish, and I am beyond honored to play a part in bringing this polish to you.

A couple weeks ago, Christian from Polish TBH messaged me about helping out with a special polish that she was creating to help out a little boy with Autism. His parents are raising money to get him a service dog, which is invaluable to a lot of people with Autism, and has been proven to be especially beneficial for kids. Now, if you know anything about me, it’s probably that my own daughter is on the Autism spectrum, and that there isn’t much I won’t do to help out a child on the spectrum, and this really touched me. To read more about the family this polish is helping, please take a moment to read Chrissy’s blog post here. There are also links for donations, and I cannot tell you how expensive service dogs are alone, not to mention fencing, care, and all that, Insurance does not cover any of this!

I can’t take much credit for the polish – I just threw out a reference point and Christian did all the work, but I would be lying if I said that this isn’t one of the prettiest polishes around. Period.

Uniquely Me is vibrant blue jelly polish with red, yellow, green, blue, black and white glitters, The blue represents the official color of Autism Awareness, and the glitter colors represent the colors of the puzzle pieces in the Autism Awareness ribbon. To make it even more awesome, there is even some holo dust in there!

I took some normal shots first, to show how gorgeous this polish is overall. This is 2 coats with top coat here:

kimberslacquerkorner kimberslacquerkorner

Egads!!!! The squishy!!!! And you know I am a sucker for blue! I do wish I had some sunlight here to show off that holo sparkle, but it’s overcast and we have had record rains here.

So, how about some artsy shots? Ha!

kimberslacquerkorner kimberslacquerkorner

Le gorgeous, right? The vibrant base and all those glitters just make this baby sing. Christian really did an amazing job. As a side note, I’m kinda playing with my second hand pose since getting my nails perfectly straight for my usual hand pose is becoming nightmarish. My nails don’t sit straight, and they don’t grow straight, and its kinda hurty with my tendonitis and all.

But enough about that! Macro!

I swear ya’ll – that blue is killing me! To die for!!!! *swoon*

Uniquely Me is a true jelly glitter bomb, so it starts fairly sheer and builds to opacity. Obviously the opacity is amazing since I’m only wearing 2 coats here! The formula is perfect – nice and smooth with no dragging or balding and the glitter behaves nicely. Dry time was much faster than I had expected with a jelly glitter bomb, and wear is outstanding (I’m still wearing this!).

Loves, this is a beautiful polish for an amazing cause. Grab it while you can!

Uniquely Me will be available for purchase from Polish TBH on August 1. This polish will be available in full size only for $15 ($10 goes to the family and their service dog), and will come in a white capped, retro bottle. Follow Polish TBH on Facebook and Instagram for release and order info.

What do you think of this polish? Are you going to grab a bottle?

I’ll be back with another beauty from Polish TBH (hopefully) tomorrow – tooth permitting. I also have a ton of polishes from Laquerlicious and Peaches Polish so come back soon!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!