Bootie Babe- Butt Out!

Hellllooo Loves! Happy Sunday! Sunday’s are kinda like my Saturdays, since the Hubs days off start Sunday, so it’s a happy day of the week for me. It means some time where I can relax and not have to chase the dogs or the 4 year old for a bit! And of course, swatching!

Today’s polish is from a brand that I have been wanting to try for quite some time, Bootie Babe. They caught my eye with their hiney shaped bottles and rear-end themed names, so when I saw Butt Out on sale for $5 a few weeks back, I snagged it without hesitation. I mean, who can resist a sparkly butt???

Butt Out is a coppery, pinky, kinda purply duochrome shimmer loaded with large holographic glitters. It’s hard to describe because it really does change colors depending on light and angle. In my lightbox, for instance, it shows more of a coppery pink, but outside it’s more of a dusty pink with silver. I do wish that I had the time to photograph this from every possible angle, but since I don’t, you get to see what it looks like in the lightbox, which is also what it looks like indoors most of the time.

This is 2 coats of butt out, with a single coat of top coat. It does look a bit bumpy because I use a 10x magnifier on my lens, so you can see every little nook and cranny, plus this polish really does need a smoother or 2 coats of top coat for it to be entirely smooth due to those large holo glitters. I don’t mind texture, so I didn’t bother with either. 🙂

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You can see a bit more of the pink in the last 2 shots, but I do wish I had the time to take some sunlight shots of this. It has been storming here for the past 4 days, so sunlight hasn’t been all that abundant.


The base color looks very coppery here since this was taken in the lightbox as well, but you can also see all the colors in the holo glitter!

Butt Out is certainly one unique polish, and I am so glad that I grabbed it. I will definitely be adding more Bootie Babe to my stash as soon as my budget allows it (losing $550 a month in income is seriously hurting my blogging game, yo!)

Butt Out’s formula is stellar, and application is flawless. No dragging, balding, or problematic glitters, and dry time was fast, fast, fast! Wear is exceptional with no chipping at a whopping 4 days! Can you tell I’m in love with this polish? 4 days is almost unheard of in my world! I was, and am, just mesmerized by the colors and the holo in this polish. Just fabulous!

I do want to mention that the formula may seem familiar, and that is because Bootie Babe is made by Nubar. I dunno about you lovelies, but I really dig Nubar polishes. I did not know Bootie Babe was related to Nubar in any way until yesterday, but it’s right there on the website. Thought I’d just share that little tidbit!

You can check out Butt Out and all the bootie shakin’ pretties at BootieBabe.Com (I have my eye on Honky Badonky, Hind Quarter, and a few others!). Most polishes sell for $8, but there are several on sale for $6 right now, so grab a few! Who doesn’t need some butt shaped polishes in their collection? You can also find Bootie Babe on Facebook  and Instagram.

What do you think of Butt Out? Do you have any Bootie Babe polishes in your stash?

I have more from I, A.M. Custom Color on the way, as well as some Born Pretty Store water decals and Sally Hansen Color Foils. Stay Tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!