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Saturday, November 3, 2012

31 Day Challenge (v.2) Day 26: Inspired By A Pattern

Good morning lovelies! Happy Caturday!! Charlie is currently trying to pet some Guinea Pigs. Hard. With her claws. But if she wasn't so very busy with urgent kitteh stuff, she would say hello. ;)

Today's challenge is a fun one, Inspired By A Pattern. I love patterns, so this was tough to narrow down. I love circle patterns, plaid, ikat, dotted patterns...but there is one that I always end up with in abundance around here. My very fave, especially in Winter, Argyle!

Since Arglye is such a fun pattern to use with all sorts of different colors, I decided to go bright. I broke into my untrieds and chose Julep Daphne, a dusty teal, as my base color. then I taped off triangles at the top and bottom of the nail and added Julep Charlotte. Then I carefully removed the tape (I used painter's tape for this one. I'm liking it better than scotch tape since it seems to adhere to the nail just a touch better than scotch tape) and added the dashes lines using Julep Niecy.

I really dig how this came out, although I am not that stellar at uniform lines! Practice makes perfect, right? This totally reminds me of a pair of funky socks that I had a few years back. I'm pretty sure the dryer ate one of them, leaving me sockless and sad.

I love me some Argyle! Not bad for my first attempt at Argyle, right? Although I am noticing that it's time to shape my growing nubs a little. Honestly I've been trying to steer clear of the file as long as possible since my OCD flares when I file and I do not want to lose any more length than absolutely necessary.  I tend to make light of my OCD, but it can easily get out of hand, so if I don't do much filing, please don't be offended. I *did* clean up my cuticles though, so no-one can lynch me. ;)

What do you think of Argyle? Classic or tacky?

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Be sure to check back this week for some A England Gothic Beauties, More Halloween polish, and China Glaze Holiday Polish!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 26: Inspired by a pattern!

Hi guys! Here is my catch-up post of the day! I had a blast with this mani as well, even though it's not something that I'm all that great at. Practice makes perfect though, right?

For my pattern I chose simple Polka Dots. Yes, I know. One of the challenges was polka dots, and I've never really been all that into them, but as soon as I layed down my base color I knew that I had to do some polka dots instead of the plaid pattern I had originally planned on. I love how it turned out, and I'll definitely be wearing this combo again.

I chose Zoya Phoebe (one of my favorite blues and my very favorite matte shade) as my base color and added dots using a dotting tool with Orly Oh Cabana Boy, and of course, topped it off with Seche Vite. My lighting was a pain in the butt today, so these are taken in the light box using the daylight lamp for some and lamp and flash for the others.

I am loving this color combo! I love blue and hot pink, and this mani just brightened my whole day! Now I'm off to work on my "Inspired by Artwork" mani. Wish me luck!

Happy Polishing!


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