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Hello there and welcome to Kimber's Lacquer Korner, my little Korner of the internet. My name is Kimber and I am a Nail Polish and Nail Art Fanatic!

I'm a 30-something wife, mother, and I own and operate my own small business. When I'm not swatching, creating nail art or blogging, I'm with my incredible children - 3 year old Dexter and 12 year old Kallista, or running In The DogHouse Pet Services, LLC. Outside of Nail Polish, Animals are my passion and I spent 8 years as a Veterinary Technician. You'll often see me walking Marleigh, my Great Labradane, with Dexter and Kalli.

My love affair with Nail Polish began anew in July of 2010, when I set out to restore my natural nails after years of wearing acrylics. What began as a way to keep my nails looking nice quickly spiraled into a passion for all things nail related. I currently own over 2000 polishes and countless nail art supplies. In fact, I may need to add another room onto my house at this rate!

Here at KLK you will find swatches and in-depth reviews of Popular and Independent Nail Polish brands, Nail Art, and even some group challenges. I have a passion for Indie Nail Polish and I'll admit that most of my posts are Indie related.  I do my very best to post quality photos and reviews and I usually post every day. I love meeting people that share my passion for all things Nails, and I love comments and emails, so feel free to say hello!

I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Korner.

Thanks for stopping by my little Korner and I hope to see you back soon!


  1. Hey Kimberly. Absolutely love your blog and your sense of humour. Just a question...I work in a cafe in the hospital and my nails are ALWAYS in water. Can't use rubber gloves....hospitals are super picky about allergies, etc. I really loved the trind nail system (did you know they have a 25% off sale...code is trind25) but it won't stay on my nails. I tried Seche Vite but that also just peeled off. Any suggestions for a super rock hard stay-through-water top coat. Many thanks! You rock!

    1. Hey there! Thanks for the compliment, that made my day! :)

      Dontcha just hate trying to find the right topcoat? I'm still testing out a bunch, but always head back to SV since I have zero patience after using it for so long! If it doesnt dry as fast as SV, I freak out! I've been trying to stop that and give other top coats a fair shake though. One that I did try recently and really really like is Butter London Hardwear PD Quick top coat. It's pricey, but it's gooood. It's on the thin side, but that means less thickness of the layers on the nail and in turn, less peeling. I used it on a mani that I wore for 5 days and barely had any chips, even after cleaning the heck out of my house. It held up to my showers and bathing the baby daily as well, so if you don't mind spending $18 for a top coat (I gotta say, it hurt me to spend that much, but i had heard so many awesome things about it that I just had to try it - Ulta also sells a pack with the basecoat and topcoat for $35), I'd give it a whirl. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is also a really good one. NYC was awesome, but it looks like they changed their formula and it's not as awesome now. Takes a good 8 hours to fully dry, and we can't have that! Lemme see....You could also try a coat of Gelous over your polish and then SV over that. I always get great wear time out of that combo. Also Essie Good To Go always has been my second fave deep dry top coat, and that held up to alot of abuse. Cheaper than butter london by far, and just as awesome. Butter London has better shine than most of those top coats, but that price tag still hurts me!

      Thanks for the Trind code! That's awesome! My poor nails are just a mess now between being on the thin side from buffing some horrible ridges and the fact that if i don't moisturize them really well they curl up. The Nail Balsam is just awesome for that though!

    2. I forgot! What base coat are you using? I've found some base coats don't play well with SV and peel off almost immediately. Like I love Nail Tek II, but it peels off within hours, so I use it over my polish a day before I plan on removing it to give it some extra strength. Also, feel free to email me! I love talking all things nail polish!

  2. Thank you for being so honest! I think a lot of people will find strength in this and relate to you))

  3. You made me cry!
    I have only one word: RESPECT!
    May God bless you even more each and every day!

    My best regards,


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