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Daring Digits Life 2.0 Collection - Clarity (and I return!)

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Hello, Lovelies! Oh, how I have missed you! Today marks my return to blogging, and I couldn't be more excited.

As you know, I took a good chunk of time away from not only the blog, but from nails in general. I really needed to take some time to be with my family whilst several medical crisis plagued my parents. Things are far from perfect, but are at a point where I can juggle a bit more again. Plus, let's face it - I miss polish.

In the spirit of honesty, Let's first address the fact that my nails are trashed, and I am currently wearing gels. Right before my scheduled return, I managed to break several nails down PAST the quick, which had led to bleeding nail beds and uneven super nubbins. No way can I polish those, and since I was already committed to swatching a new collection, I decided on gel nails for a few weeks to protect my poor nail beds while I gain some free edge. The set I have now is so darn long that typing is near impossible, so I'll be getting a shorter set of UV Gels on Sunday. Please keep in mind that this is temporary! I know some bloggers that prefer to wear gels, but it's just too much work for me. I hate the long removal time without pure acetone, I detest rebases and these things feel so weird!!! I guess I just prefer my own nails. Thankfully they grow fast, and I'll be rid of the cheater nails in no time!

My return also coincides with the return of one of my all time Indie Brands, Daring Digits!!!!!!!!!! You may remember last Spring, Ashley of DD announced that she was retiring from the polish game. My heart broke, since DD is one of those brands that is not only affordable, but is always high quality and utterly unique. Not to mention that I knew it would not be fun for Ash to step away from her passion.

A year has passed, and Ash is in a better place and has returned to us with her brand new "Life 2.0" Collection. I have all 5 of these amazing beauties to share with you all, and they are not only awesome to behold, but the personal inspiration behind each polish is plain as day. You'll see what I mean!

This new collection is inspired by elements of Ashley's life that have touched her while dealing with a Divorce and learning to be single again. Like I said, deeply personal and a very brave thing to share with all of us.

I chose to start off with "Clarity" which is, in Ashley's words -  "A shimmer/clear base with blue/purple highlights. It has iridescent glitters matte clear and white glitters in many different sizes. It dries Matte/Semi Matte. It's a play on words polish. It's supposed to represent the clarity I gained by getting a divorce and putting that part of my life behind me, but as the polish represents...that clarity isn't all that clear...lots of unanswered questions, and things are still a little foggy."

Man, do I understand that sentiment! Having been through divorcee myself, a lot of Ashley's inspiration took me back in time to how I felt so many years ago. But, Clarity is also a happy polish. It is utterly gorgeous, and reminds me of crushed opals. Although this polish can certainly be layered over any color to create all sorts of effects, I chose to share Clarity alone. 

This is 2 coats of Clarity, topped with NPB Glitter Food and Digital Flash (on my crazy gel talons!):

Okay, despite the crazy talons there, tell me this polish is not just perfection! The last picture is taken in brighter lighting, to show a bit of the color shift in different lighting. In lower light, the opalescence really shines, creating one of those stare-at-your-nails-all-day situations. I actually wore this for over a day because I couldn't stand to remove it. Just perfection.  Let's have a macro, just for fun!

Oh hello, mama!! Yowza!!! *Wolf Whistles* Look at that color and sparkle!!

Clarity's formula and application are, of course, perfect. I mean, we ARE talking about Daring Digits here, so I expect nothing less. Despite the insane amount of glitter and flakes in this girl, the formula was smooth and easy to work with with no clumping glitters or thickening up. Clarity does dry semi-textures, so you'll want a coat of Glitter Food or a couple coats of a good top coat to smooth things out if you don't like texture on your nails.

I honestly do not have a single negative thing to say here! Ashley is a genius, and her polishes are truly stand outs. I feel like I need to shout from the rooftops that you NEED this polish. Need.

The Life 2.0 Collection will be available through Daring Digits on 4/26. Clarity will be available for $9 per bottle (full size only - minis will not be available for this collection), with the entire Collection selling for $37.50. US Shipping runs $3.50 for 1-4 polishes $5.50 for 5-9 and free shipping always when you purchase 10 polishes or more. International shipping will be announced soon, and Ashley is also working on a customer reward points kind of deal. Be sure to keep up with Ash and Daring Digits on Facebook and Instagram for more details!

I am now off to swatch another gorgeous DD polish to share for tomorrow. Be sure to check back, because this collection is not to be missed. I mean it. Not kidding in the least!

It's great to be back, folks. Thanks so much for sticking with me while I pulled myself together. I appreciate every one of you!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

*Product(s) Featured provided for review. Please see Disclaimer/Legal Page for more information** 

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  1. Welcome back lady! You picked a good polish for the post...just gorgeous!


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