Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweetheart Polish - Show Me Your Beads!

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Hello lovelies! I'm back with some awesome polish! I'm so excited to get back to posting. I've really missed it - even though I'll admit it's hard to be motivated with all that's going on. I just finished with the tow company so that my poor Elvis-mobile can be fixed and I'll have transportation again. Fun stuff!

Before I get into the polish, I want to mention that (as I discussed in my last post) I am now rockin nubbins. Over the last month I have managed to break several nails, and instead of fixing them all and worrying about more breaks, I took my nails down to nubs. Which makes me sad, but at the same time, a bit relieved. I love my length, but I have to admit that I also really like shorties. I don't like living in fear of breaking a nail, or feeling like people will enjoy my posts less if my nails are shorter. There is this stigma around nubbins that I just don't feel is warranted, and I have decided that when I need to rock the nubs, I shall do so proudly. After all, I am human, and nails break. I don't know about you all, but I get tired of having a minor freak out any time I lose a bit of nail! Besides, it's all about the *polish*, right?

So this is certainly a nubbin friendly blog. The polish doesn't change one bit due to nail length, and I can still rock nail art, so why freak out? This is actually the last swatch done with any kind of length to my nails - although it's hard to tell with my hand pose, eh? Tomorrow you'll get to see my nubs in all their nubbinesque glory! All hail the nubbins!!!

But let's get to the fun stuff!

I love Sweet Heart Polish. I was lucky enough to be able to swatch some Sweet heart Polish awhile back, and I just fell in love with this awesome brand. So when I was asked to share some more with you all, I jumped at the chance! I actually have 8 polishes from SH to share this week, so be sure to check back often.

The first polish that jumped out at me from these 8 beauties is a Mardi Gras inspired polish. It's a gorgeous soft purple crelly loaded with purple, gold, and teal blue glitters, in both hex and square shapes, and purple microglitters. It did not have a name when it was sent to me, so my daughter and I brainstormed and came up with "Show Me Your Beads". Thankfully Cassandra liked the name, and it's now official. This polish screams Mardi Gras to me, and was a real mood booster. How can you not be happy wearing this pretty, right? Makes me wanna grab some beads and a beer and dance on the table (I promise I will not subject you to that!)!

This is 3 thin coats of Show Me Your Beads topped with NPB Digital Flash (I apologize for my dry hands. My skin hates cold weather and I'm out of my beloved fluff!):

Egads, that is pretty!! I adore purples, but add colorful glitters and I am done for. I'm really loving the addition of square glitters in the mix here, and the burst of gold from within all that color. And there is something about those purple microglitters that makes me want to squee! Just awesome!

Show Me Your Beads' formula was truly perfection as well. Usually I have issues with glitter placement with crellies that are loaded up with glitter, but SMYB has just the right amount of glitter vs. base. She applied easily with no need to dab or hand place glitters, no clumping, and no thickening. I'm wearing 3 coats here, since SMYB is a touch on the sheer side, but honestly 2 coats did the job just as well. Dry time was incredibly fast, and this girl dried smoothly, so no need for Glitter Food here. Wear was excellent as well - I had not a single chip in this polish after 3 days of wear ( I couldn't bring myself to take it off!). Unfortunately, I broke a nail as soon as I removed it! I knew I should've worn it forever! ;)

Honestly every time I wear a Sweet Heart Polish I fall more and more in love. Cassandra is creating some amazing and stunning polishes, and if you haven't grabbed some of her babies yet, you are really missing out.

You can find Sweet Heart Polish at Sweet Heart Polish on Etsy. There are a ton of new polishes coming out, so make sure to grab them while you can! Full size bottles sell for around $9 each, which I maintain is a serious bargain for such quality polish. You can also follow Sweet Heart Polish on Facebook and Instagram for sales info, new releases, and more swatches!

What's your take on Show Me Your Beads? Have you tried any Sweet Heart Polish yet?

I have an absolutely amazing glitter from SHP to share with you all tomorrow (I'll be posting multiple swatch posts as soon as I get back into a groove, I promise!), so be sure to come on back. You really do not want to miss this one! I also have some goodies from Cult Cosmetics coming up, including a chance to win one of Cult Cosmetics' Black Boxes! Wahoo!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

*Product(s) Featured provided for review. Please see Disclaimer/Legal Page for more information**

Press Sample


  1. This looks so pretty! It will look good with my dress for Valentine's Day! Beaaaaaaaads!

  2. Looks like confetti! Love it :)

  3. wow this looks like awesome, added this item to my wish list :)


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