Saturday, January 4, 2014

Underground Cosmetics - Champagne Wishes

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Hello Lovelies! Happy Caturday! Well, It's only Caturday for a few more hours here, although Charlie insists that every day is Caturday. She's also decided that nothing is sacred for us humans. She actually hopped onto my lap while I was in the bathroom yesterday, smacked me on the face and then sat down and waited for me to pet her. If that isn't entitlement, I don't know what is.

The Giveaway has ended, and I will be publicly announcing the winners tomorrow. Emails have already been sent out, and I am only waiting on one response. 2 winners have claimed their prizes, and the 2nd has about 12 hours left to respond, otherwise I will choose another winner.

I'm also joining Ana from Nail Care HQ for the January "Get Naked" Challenge! This means that Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil will be on sale for only $14.99 per starter or refill kit! This only happens twice yearly, so make sure you take advantage of it. The challenge consists of going 3 days without polish and using Ana's 3 day hydration treatment with Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil. To enter, all you have to do is email me your before and after pics, with a little bit about your experience. You could win a Pure Nail Oil Kit in Summer Scent, mini bottles of Simply Quick Top Coat and Simply Quick Base Coat, as well as Milani Holographic Polishes! I'll be posting the official rules and entry requirements on Monday, so be sure to check back, Grab some Pure Nail oil, and get naked!!

Today I have a gorgeous polish from Underground Cosmetics to share. I've been dying to try Undergound Cosmetics for what seems like forever, so a couple weeks back, I ordered a couple of things. Minnie, who is one of the sweetest people ever, was kind enough to send me a literal PLETHORA of her polishes to share with you all. I'll be sharing those over the next couple of days, and you won't want to miss them.

I figured that I would start out with a Flakie, since you all know how much of a slobbering fool I am for flakies. Show me a flakie and you'll get to watch me turn into a drooling Tasmanian Devil. I'm really only slightly exaggerating here.

Champagne Wishes is a mix of Gold flakes and fine golden shimmer in a clear base. When I first saw this, I immediately thought "I must wear this over a Nude!". When the time came to wear this pretty, I kicked my own butt for not owning more Nudes. I wanted to use something other than my usual go-to Nude (OPI My Vampire Is Buff), so I grabbed Maybelline Color Show in Sandstone. I feel like I have done Champagne Wishes a huge disservice by pairing it with such a problematic base color. Thankfully CW still looks gorgeous, and we're not focusing on the naughty base color anyway!

This is 1 coat of Champagne Wishes layered over 2 coats of Sandstone, topped with NPB Digital Flash:

Hellllloooo mama!!! Man, there is something just classic about a good gold flake polish. I'm beyond picky about them though - they have to be just the right shade of gold. Champagne Wishes is that perfect champagne gold that I prefer, and that golden shimmer is a fabulous bonus. I truly love this over nude as well, even if Sandstone was somehow gloppy and runny at the same time.

Also, please ignore my clean-up. Attack of the fluffy clean up brush again. Thankfully I stocked up!

Champagne Wishes has a truly fabulous formula, and application was perfection. I'm used to flakies being somewhat thick and needing a bit of hand placement, but CW wasn't thick at all (yet not runny either), and flowed onto the beautifully. None of the flakies poked up from the nail or clumped together. CW also dried to a smooth finish, so no need for anything other than top coat. Love it!

I have 6 more beauties from Underground Cosmetics to show you, and I am so excited to get working on them. I have on more flakie, and 5 amazing color shifting topcoats to try out. Epic!!!

You can find Champagne Wishes by visiting Underground Cosmetics on Store Envy. Be sure to bookmark that link, since the store is currently closed (I'll be sure to update you all when it opens). Until then, check out Underground Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram. Lots of swatches to feast your eyes on!

What do you think of Champagne Wishes? And what's your fave nude polish? I need to know!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

*Product(s) Featured provided for review. Please see Disclaimer/Legal Page for more information**

Press Sample


  1. I love gold, and this is a pretty one!

  2. The champagne color is very classy. Would be great with an evening gown.

  3. Awww...this mani is so pretty. I love the background color and the gold glitters on it. I find this mani classy and elegant which makes it perfect for special occasions.


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