Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nothing to Disclose

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Merry Christmas, lovelies! I hope that you're all enjoying a wonderful day! I can say that things have improved a bit here - my beloved Marleigh Dog has perked up quite a bit, and with supportive care is still improving. That gives me a little more time to be able to scrounge up a small fortune to get her to her vet again and help her get better. I'm still scared that she has cancer, given some of her symptoms, but with her bounce back today I am much more hopeful.

The Giveaway is still going, so if you have some free time today, why not head on over to this post and enter!

Since it's Christmas, I have a little more nail art for you today. One of my favorite things about Christmas is candy canes. I looooove candy canes, and all the yummy peppermint candies that pop up every holiday season.  I'm absolutely addicted to Hershey's peppermint Kisses, and I hoard bags of them every year.  So in the spirit of all things Minty, I decided that some candy cane nails were in order.

These were actually my Christmas Eve Nails, and I'll show you all my Christmas mani tomorrow. For this mani, I chose Milani Texture in Tainted In Red as my base polish. This is a very bright, yellow based red texture, and to be honest, I completely forgot that I had this! I wanted something a little different, and had yet to do any kind of nail art with my textured polishes. Low and behold, this baby jumped out at me from the very back of my Milani drawer.

I used 2 coats of Tainted In Red to start and once that was dry, I stamped some stripes using Dashica plate Big SDP-A and Konad White. While not as Candy Cane-like as using striping tape would be, this still works for me. I really did not feel like fighting with my crappy striping tape, and keep forgetting to grab new ones. ;)

I really, really like stamping on a textured base! I did lose a tiny bit of my stamping near my free edge, but that was mostly due to inexperience on my part. I wasn't all that careful while the stamping polish was drying, since I'm used to top coating the design. I'm still happy with the result though and can't wait to try more stamping over textures!

Also, old hand positions die hard! My nails are finally long enough to look decent in my usual hand pose, which is good since this is how my hand sits naturally and anything else is very awkward for me. Hopefully it still looks good with round bottles!

I definitely still love the Milani Texture polishes. They're a touch different since the texture is much more sparse and can actually settle in the polish, so there's a good amount of shaking involved, but I still love the result. I think the thing that appeals to me about texture polishes is that each brand has a different idea of texture, and each looks totally unique. This particular polish had a great formula and was so easy to apply that I literally had to use maybe 2 total strokes with my clean up brush. Loooooove that!!!!

Do you have a fave textured polish? What are you wearing today?? Share with me!!!

Thank you all for taking a little time out of your day to read my posts. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I hope that your day is filled with awesomeness and all the sparkle you can handle.

I'll return tomorrow with my actual Xmas manicure, and I have a ton of Indie fabulousness on the way. Stick around, won't ya?

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!!

*Product(s) Featured purchased for review. Please see Disclaimer/Legal Page for more information**

Nothing to Disclose


  1. oh my! The stripes are more than perfect!:)

  2. So glad Marleigh is doing better!

    I love/hoard the candy cane kisses too!!

    Super cute mani! :)


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