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Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration base coat and Digital Flash Top Coat Review!!

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Hello Lovelies! Eek! I'm late posting this due to a wicked sore throat, but I'm starting to feel somewhat human again, so here I am!

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I am a HUGE Nail Pattern Boldness Fan. In fact, if I had more disposable income, I would own every polish that Allison has ever made (I aspire to do this anyway). But what always blows my mind is Allison's ability to create products that enhance our polishing experience. First there was Glitter Food, a glitter smoothing polish that has become the standard for glitter smoothers. Then she created Glitter-A-Peel, a peel off base coat that, in my opinion, is the best around. Both are products that I use constantly and refuse to be without. But now Allison has created 2 new products and has totally outdone herself.

Digital Hydration and Digital Flash are brand new to the NPB lineup. Digital Hydration is a moisturizing, ridge filling base coat made with Argan Oil. Digital Flash is a quick dry top coat. I don't know about you guys, but I am always on the lookout for great top and base coats. So many top coats only work with specific types of polishes, or are fabulous save for one or two things - shrinkage and glopping up partway through the bottle. And base coats? Especially ridge filling base coats! I've tried so many and they're usually either too thick, too thin, or tend to be incompatible with my top coats (There are exceptions to these issues, of course. I still love Simply Quick base coat - that one is only incompatible with Glossy Glam top coat, and Hk Girl makes one helluva top coat).

Now I'll be 100% honest here - I have been a loyal HK Girl user for over a year. I love that top coat and always will. But the minute Digital Flash was released, I knew I had to try it. Allison has a talent for making the very best around, and I had to see if it would beat out HK Girl.

Let's start with Digital Flash, since I'm sure this is the one that people are asking about most.

Digital Flash, is, to put it bluntly, incredible. It's super shiny, nice and thick, and dries faster than Seche Vite. It rivals HK Girl in every single area, although the shine may be a touch less (but not much!). The first time I used Digital Flash, I was blown away. I had expected a top notch top coat, but what I didn't expect was the absolute inability to muck up my nails. I have this horrible habit of whacking my nails on my polish table the very second I finish a mani. Which means that my nails are usually only dry to the touch. I did this the first time I used Digital Flash, and the craziest thing nails barely dented. And the one nail that *did* have a slight dent, bounced right back to smooth and perfect with no manipulation whatsoever. I literally sat there and watched my polish return to its former dentless glory. Nice! Another bonus is that Digital Flash really, really loves Glitter-A-Peel. When used together, they create one helluva durable shield. Whack your nails on things often? No problem! Used to your peel off base lifting at the slightest touch? Not anymore! I actually had to break the seal on my nails to peel off my polish.  I've never had a manicure with a peel off base last so long. I think those last 2 are what has led me to reach for Digital Flash with every single manicure. I just can't rave about this stuff enough.

Since we're looking at a topcoat here, I decided to throw in a few more tests. Does it dull holographic polishes? Does it smooth out glitters? Does it smear nail art? Well, let's see! Here is a mani I wore last week. This is 2 coats of this amazing Gold Holo glitter polish from NPB (no-name and unreleased) that Allison was kind enough to send me awhile back. I used 1 coat of Digital Flash to smooth out the surface, then stamped using Mash plate 39 and Konad Black Polish. I added one more coat of Digital Flash immediately after stamping, and this way my result.

Well hello there bright holo colors, clean stamping and smooth shiny finish! This was taken in my lightbox, so the holo isn't as vivid as it would be in the sun, but I assure you, Digital Flash did not diminish one bit of the holo in this baby. Let's look at a macro shot. Although, let me jut say that the stamping looks rougher when magnified 50 times - what you see is flaws in actual stamping and not smearing.

See the holo goodness? And notice how the stamping is crisp (if not entirely perfect) and not at all smeary? That's with a total of *TWO* coats of Digital Flash- one over the glitter itself and one over the stamping. That glitter was lovely and smooth for stamping, shiny and bright. The stamping was perfectly crisp and clear. And this mani wore beautifully until I broke the polish seal myself. It held up so well that I actually squeed out loud. Digital Flash wins, people. In fact, just like my Glitter Food and Glitter-A-Peel, you won't catch me without out.

Now let's talk about Digital Hydration. I don't have swatches to share, since it's a base coat and well, I just didn't think of taking pictures of just my base coat. The first thing that sold me on Digital Hydration was the words "ridge filling". I NEED a ridge filling base coat. I have some pretty obnoxious vertical ridges in my nails. In fact, I have on right in the center of my middle nail that makes that nail the most evil thing to shape. It's so defined that it actually creates a v shape in the free edge of my nail.  It's obnoxious, and hard to smooth out. I was using Essie Fill The Gap for awhile (I was out of my Simply Smooth at the time), and that stuff was like a lightly tinted glue. Horribly thick and goopy and made my manicures way thick. So I went to Millionails, which was better, but still not great. So grabbing Digital Hydration was pretty much a no brainer for me. I mean, Allison created a product that smoothes out the thirstiest glitters in one coat, certainly she could handle ridges, right? RIGHT! Digital Hydration is freakin' fabulous! The consistency is perfect - thick enough to smooth out even my wonkiest ridges while being thin enough to work with and look normal. Digital Hydration dries fast (which is something that all of Allison's products are known for), and leaves a semi-matte, silky smooth, ready to polish surface. It's hard for me to judge whether or not the Argan Oil actually hydrates, since I am such a Pure Nail Oil addict that my nails are always moisturized, but I can say that my nails don't "tighten up" as much as they do with other base coats. By tighten up, I mean that when I start a manicure, my nails are much more flared at the free edge. As my polish dries, my C-curve tightens, creating that very rounded C-Curve that you usually see in my photos. With most base coats, my C-Curve tightens up to where if viewed from the top, it looks as if the edges of the nail are biting into my finger. With Digital Hydration, I'm not seeing as much tightness to my C-Curve, which is always a bonus since that C-Curve makes me insane!  I've been using this alone, as well as over my beloved Glitter-A-Peel, and my manicures look fab. And last longer they have in years. Goodbye, Essie ridge filling base coats! You are officially kicked out of my stash! Digital Hydration has kicked your butt!

Loves - I could go on and on all darn day about these babies. Allison is just brilliant. Not only does she make one of the top Indie Brands around, but now she makes some of the very best top and base coats I have ever used. You will be seeing a lot of these here, since I plan to have them on hand at all times (and some stashed away in case of Zombie Apocalypse). If you're looking for a perfect top and base coat combo, Digital Hydration and Digital Flash are it. Oh, and don't forget about Glitter Food and Glitter-A-Peel. Can't live without those!

Digital Hydration and Digital Flash are available RIGHT NOW at Nail Pattern Both sell for $8, same as Glitter Food and Glitter-A-Peel. Allison's amazing new collection A Parliament of Magpies is also available, and I suggest you head on over to Sassy Paints and check out Gini's incredible swatches if you haven't seen them. APOM is just a stellar collection and I am DYING to get my grubby little hands on them all!!! Also, check out Nail Pattern Boldness on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news, new releases, swatches and sales.

Have you tried Digital Hydration and Digital Flash yet?

I have some Holiday Nail Art coming up, as well as a review and reveal of Nails HQ Magazine!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

*Product(s) Featured purchased for review. Please see Disclaimer/Legal Page for more information**

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  1. I'm looking for a base coat right now...I'm sold. I have glitter food & glitter a-peel to, so knowing she has a base coat too now is a no brainer! Beautiful mani too!

    1. Thanks. love! You will LOVE Digital Hydration. It's amazing. I am incredibly picky about my base coat, and since Allison is so brilliant I just knew this one would rock. I didn't expect to be utterly addicted to it though! It's honestly the best base coat I've used.

  2. I stumbled upon your post after a Google search (I can't even remember what I was originally looking for - there's the rabbit hole for ya!) and your review prompted me to buy Digital Hydration and Digital Flash.

    Like you, I have some prominent vertical ridges - in my case, it's my right index finger and left thumb so I'm very interested in a truly effective ridge filler. And I've been on the hunt for a great top coat (I haven't yet tried Seche Vite) and this sounds like a winner! Works well on glitters AND dries quickly to a nice gloss? Sold!

    Thank you for your review - I can't wait to get them and try them out.


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