Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daring Digits 80's Hits Collection - Like A Virgin

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Hello Lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I took Monday off due to a horrible migraine, but I'm back! 

Today I have the final polish from Volume I of the Daring Digits 80's Hits Collection. I'll be starting on the 5 beauties from Volume II this week, and you do not want to miss those! 

I'm also extending the giveaway for a bit, since I really want to show all of these babies before ending the giveaway. :)

I purposely waited to use this polish, since it's so very unique, as well as a serious reminder of my childhood. Named for the Madonna song "Like A Virgin", this baby is a mix of every kind of white glitter imaginable in a clear base. If this doesn't remind you of the iconic modified wedding dress that Madonna wore while performing during ther very first VMA's (holy hell, now I feel old!), then you're probably way younger than I am and have never seen that performance. It was, in typical Madonna fashion, groundbreaking at the time and highly controversial. I remember thinking that Madonna was a genius. Everyone was talking about her - good or bad, her name was everywhere. Brilliant marketing!

This is 2 thin coats of Like A Virgin over a pink/blue gradient. I used Sally Hansen Pink A Card as my base (and let me tell you, This polish was the biggest PITA on earth!) and SH Pacific Blue on the tips and topped it all with NPB Glitter Food and HK Girl Top Coat:

 Despite really needing to work on my gradients on my right hand (did you notice? I've been swatching on my dominant hand! I suffered a horrible break on my left hand and have been letting it recover.), I really like the effect of the white glitter over the gradient colors.

Like A Virgin is literally jam-packed with glitter, yet is not too thick or clumpy. It applies smoothly and evenly, and the glitters were very well behaved. I did have the occasional stray bar glitter, but that was due to the shape of my nails and not the glitter itself. The large glitters are very heavy, so you will need to give the bottle a good shake (or keep it tipped upside down for a few minutes) in order to mix them in with the rest of the glitters. Like A Virgin does dry a touch textured, mostly due to those large glitters, so I added a coat of Glitter Food to smooth things out.

I love this polish. Just love it. There is something so beautiful about an all white glitter. In fact, had I not been photographing this, I would have worn this over white.

You can win your very own bottle of Like A Virgin, as well as the other 9 beautied by entering my giveaway! 2 lucky lovelies will win the entire 80's Hits Collection! There are some daily entries, so don't forget to grab those!

Daring Digits polishes can be found at DDPolish.com. All Daring Digits creations are 3-free, cruelty free and handmade. Full size bottles retail for $8.50, with free US shipping and $3 flat rate shipping to Canada. Outside of North America? Mei's Mei's Signatures is now carrying Daring Digits! Don't forget to follow Daring Digits on Facebook for updates and information!

What do you think of Like A Virgin? Are you a fan of all white glitter?

Be sure to check back soon - I have some AMAZING polishes coming up!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


 *Product(s) Featured provided for review. Please see Disclaimer/Legal Page for more information**

  Press Sample


  1. Nice job! This mani is great! I love the gradient with the glitter...*sigh*

  2. I'm really diggin this! Excellent gradient and even more excellent with the DD on top! I need an all white glitter in a clear base! I'll have to add this to my list!

  3. I like the effect that it gives over the top. Makes me want to try it myself and be bold and daring. I usually play it safe with nailcolor...I may have to branch out.


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