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Daring Digits Trailer Park Boys Collection: Julian and Ricky!

Hello lovelies! Another late post. Sheesh! I swear I am going to fix that issue once and for all tonight.  I was ahead, until a meeting today and a very demanding toddler decided that my blogging plans needed to be pushed to the wayside. I actually have a tired baby crawling all over me as I type this (He had a late nap so now he refuses to go to sleep. Poor kiddo!)! Oh well! Late posts are better than no posts at all!

The giveaway is rolling along behind the scenes. I will mention that there will be 2 winners, and each winner will nab a 10 piece Daring Digits Collection. Make sure you follow here and on FB - we'll be going live this week!

Today I have the final 2 polishes of The Trailer Park Boys Collection from Daring Digits. If you missed it, Bubbles, the first polish from this collection, can be found here.  And if you're not familiar with the Candian TV show, you really should hit Netflix and check it out. It's hilarious, and one of my favorite shows. I will say that if you're offended by bumbling criminals, dark and/or topless trailer park supervisors (male), and lots of swearing and weed references, then you may want to steer clear! Even if you're not a fan of the show, the polishes are absolute must haves. Let's take a look, shall we?

First up is Julian, a black jelly packed with gold flakes. Not only is this one of my favorite polish combinations of all time, but it captures the essence of Julian perfectly. Black T-shirt, gold earring, black jeans, perpetual rum and coke in his hand, Julian is sexy, tough, and always in charge. He's definitely hard-edged, but has a softer side as well.

Be sure to click read more to see Julian and Ricky in all their awesome glory!

Julian can be worn alone or layered over black. First I'm showing Julian alone, then layered over A-England Camelot. I love this polish both ways. And it is sexay!!!! I spent a good amount of time staring at my nails while wearing Julian, which is very dangerous while driving. But ya know, flakies in the sun and all that. :)

Here is Julian alone, 3 coats with top coat:

Beautiful! Julian is simply gorgeous, and this will be in heavy rotation on my nails. Formula was Daring Digits fabulous - thick, but never too thick and always usable right from the bottle. In fact, none of my DD polishes have ever needed a single drop of thinner. Application was superb, flowiong onto the nail like black silk. The jelly base is a bit sheer, so you will need 2-3 coats depending on how opaque you like your jellies. I used 3 coats for intensity, but 2 coats was just as gorgeous. Dry time was fast, and the wear on this baby was impressive! Not even a single spot of tip wear after 24 hours, and I had been doing all sorts of things that should probably ripped half of my nails off!

If you dig Julian on his own, check him out over A-England Camelot! 2 coats plus top coat:

Now tell me that isn't just plain sexy! Julian comes alive over black, the gold flakies really shining through.  I never wanted to take this off! I have a thing with the stilettos on my right hand, and Julian made me love them all the more. Plainly put - you NEED this polish. Need. Trust me on this one.

Next up is Ricky, a mix of black and white short bars, large white squares and small black squares. If you're familiar with TPB, this is Ricky's black and white houndstooth shirt and black and white track pants in a bottle. And, although I have a ton of black and white glitters, there is something about Ricky that stands out. It's definitely my fave of all my black and whites.

Since Ricky spends alot of time in Prison Orange, I chose to layer Ricky over Essie fear or Desire, a bright Orange creme. If this mani doesn't scream Ricky, I don't know what does! I decided that I really wanted those glitters to pop color wise, so I added a coat of Matte top coat. Love it!

Here's Ricky in action - 1 coat over Essie Fear or Desire, topped with Mash Matte Topcoat:

This polish is just awesome! It makes me all sorts of giddy and smiley! Ricky would be proud! Formula was excellent - thick enough to hold the glitter, yet not so thick that it glops or bubbles.  Application was superb - I expected to a fair amount fo fishing since these are heavy glitters, but no fishing was needed. I did gently hand place some of the glitters, but that's mostly my OCD talking, and honestly was maybe 2 per nail.  Ricky is another must have, and you can bet I'll be wearing this over all those awesome spring and summer colors coming out! I'm kind of hoping Ash expands this collection as well. Nude with black glitter for Randy, anyone? Ha! I'm kidding!

Ashley is a genius - no doubt about it. She has hit the nail on the head with this collection and the brains behind Trailer Park Boys would be proud. She has captured the essence of the characters perfectly and created a collection that holds a special place in my heart. I swear sometimes it's like she is making polish just for me. And if you like the TPB Collection, wait until you see her upcoming 80's Collection! (that's a giveaway hint, BTW!)

All Daring Digits polishes are 3-free, cruelty free, and hand made.  You can find the Trailer Park Boys Collection, as well as a ton of other incredible beauties at Full size bottles are selling for $8 with free U.S. Shipping and $3 flat rate shipping to Canada. Also, follow Daring Digits on Facebook for updates and information (hint hint!)

What do you think of Julian and Ricky? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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  1. she TOTALLY nailed the inspiration of these polishes...and to be honest, i didn't think another black and gold glitter would be re-inventing the wheel, but i was wrong. that shit is hot.

  2. They're both stunning. Ricky is my favorite.

  3. I really love black/gold combo polishes. This one is just gorgeous. And you can never go wrong with black/white matte glitter too haha :D Beautiful!

  4. I really like Ricky...matte, and LOVE it over that orange. How about lime green? or bright aqua? I'm so ready for summer colors, and just this kind of topper!

  5. That's so freakin awesome! We have all the seasons and movies of the Trailer Park Boys. It's a Canadian must have!


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