Monday, February 18, 2013

Daring Digits: Popped

Hello lovelies ! I hope you're all having a better week than I am. I am sick as a dog! I'm not sure what this virus is, but it feels like a flu strain. Thankfully I have my flu shot, so I won't get the full blown flu. Back in February of 2009 I managed to contract Influenza A and was hospitalized for a week. Since then I always make sure to get my flu shot. I can still contract a flu-type virus, but get to avoid the extended hospital stay and assisted breathing and blacking out that comes with the actual flu.

I did manage to polish last night, which is a feat in and of itself given how horrid I feel. But I'm so behind from last week and now this cold, that I just have to push through. Plus I miss blogging. I miss my readers. Whine whine whine. ;) Let's take a peek at some awesome polish!

Today I have a really awesome polish from Daring Digits to share with you all. Since I am so sick, I wanted something really colorful and happy to boost my spirits. Daring Digits Popped is just that: a bright and happy mix of rainbow matte and shred glitters in a clear base. It reminds me of those balloons that are full of confetti and create a confetti cloud when popped. Love it! And it really did boost my mood.

This is 2 thin coats of Daring Digits Popped over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (these were taken with the Rebel T4i, which I'm still adjusting to. Please be gentle!):

 I love Rainbow Glitter, I really do. And Popped is perfect! I love the mix of matte and shred glitters girl!

Popped is one of those glitter toppers that has my favorite kind of formula - thick enough to carry the glitter, yet thin enough to easily control the mount of glitter on the brush. I had no issues with clumping glitters or a thickening base here.

Fabulous! Popped applies easily and as I mentioned before, I was able to control the amount of glitter in each stroke. I had no issues with fishing for glitters, and no stray curling glitters. Popped does not dry all that textured, although I added a coat of Essence Nail Art Sealer for some added protection. Coverage is even and opacity really depends on how much pop you're looking for.  I'm wearing 2 thin coats here since I wanted a lot of color, but 1 coat looks just as awesome and gives a stark manicure a wonderful pop of color. 

Popped really was the perfect choice to boost my bummer of a mood. I love this baby over white, but I cannot wait to try it over black! The glitters are so vivid that I'm betting it will look amazing!

All Daring Digits creations are 3-free, cruelty free, and lovingly hand made. You can check out all of that DD has to offer by visiting Full size bottles are currently on sale for $6.00 each, and you can also pick up my favorite Cuticle Scrub and Cuticle Oil Balm while you're there! Don't forget to follow Daring Digits on FB for updates!

What do you think of Popped? Would you rock some rainbow glitter?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some awesome Indie Candles and new Laquerlicious!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. I love the really colorful glitters like this. I'm heading over to their website now...I do have a question - Where do you get the Essence Nail Art Sealer?

    1. I found mine at Ulta, but the last time I was there they had a bunch in the clearance section. It's not great, but it beats bubbling Gelous until my damned Glitter Food gets here (Llarowe tells me that even though it said it was in stock and I paid for it, it's actually back ordered and I'll get it eventually...)

  2. I freakin love this! I totally get the confetti reference too. It definitely needs to find its way into my helmer!

  3. Oh, I love rainbow glitter!! This one looks amazing!!


  4. Very pretty confetti of shards. Love it.

    So sorry to hear your feeling crappy, but happy that despite your ills, you keep on polishing.

    You are my hero! :) xoxoxoxoxo


  5. So pretty! Definitely a mood booster! Sorry you've been feeling so bad, hopefully you can shake it soon :)

  6. :( I'm sorry your sick love! Love the colorful mani, Rainbow glitter....YAY! Feel better soon chickie!


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