Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NY Mani feat. L'Oreal Project Runway in The Queen's Ambition

Hello there lovelies! So far this year has been utter crap. Yesterday I received the worst news, and to be honest I'm still kind of reeling. About 20 years ago my mother survived Lymphoma. They only disovered the cancer because she had a heart attack. A few years later, she had a second heart attack. That's alot to go through right? You would think that the Universe would give the poor woman a break. Not so much. My mom  now has Lung Cancer. I am devastated. I'm trying like hell to be strong for her, because who knows? She's a strong woman. She may very well beat this too. But it's scary, ya know? Despite our many differences, that's my mom. And I'll be the first to admit that I have times where I really want my mom, and it terrifies me to think that the forces that be keep trying to take her from us. Hasn't she suffered enough??

The only thing that took my mind off all of this last night was doing my nails. For that small amount of time that I was working on a mani, I was able to let it go. Whoever said that what we do is a waste and time and serves no purpose can bite me. :)

Anyway, Today I have my New Years Mani to share with you all. I knew that I wanted something sparkly and dark, but just couldn't decide. You know you stand in front of a closet full of clothes and swear you have nothing to wear? That's me standing in front of the 900 polishes in my stash when I'm left to my own devices and not working on my swatch pile. Then I came across The Queen's Ambition from L'Oreal's Project Runway Collection (thanks Aly, for reminding me I have this!). The Queen's Ambition is a black polish filled with silver glitters and fine silver flakes. I love black and silver together, and throw in some sparkle and I'm a happy girl! However I felt like it needed some oomph. So I grabbed Mash Plate Mash-08 and Essie No Place Like Chrome from the Mirror Metallics Collection and added some zippy stars.

I ended up really digging this mani! I've included a macro shot to show off the sparkles in The Queen's Ambition.

Isn't The Queen's Ambition a cool polish? I love that there are little flakes of silver as well as the glitter.

The Queen's Ambition was easy to work with as well. It is slightly thick and does drag a bit on the first coat, but evens out nicely with the second. It's definitely one of my top 2 from the Project Runway Collection.

What did you wear on your nails for New Years?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. Hey Kimber,

    Love the nails, especially the image! I'm sorry to hear about your mother. She sounds like a strong woman I'm hoping she can beat this. I wish her and you much strength. x

  2. Very pretty! You did a great job stamping!

  3. Looks fantastic! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  4. So sorry to hear about your mom! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The mani is beautiful!

  5. Oh Kimber I'm so sorry to hear about your mom :( I'll be praying for her. My mom also had cancer 2 years ago and it's hurtful and makes you feel helpless, but we must have faith to deal with times like these.
    Lots of love, Marii

  6. Sorry to hear about your mother, she is lucky to have your support. Beautiful manicure. I send best wishes to you and hope for better news soon.

  7. I almost pickd up The Queen's Ambition a while back, It looks just lovely!


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