Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Born Pretty Store Double Sided Stamper Review!

Hello Lovelies! Happy New year!

I thought I would start the New year off by posting some stamping. As you all know, I love stamping. I love all forms of nail art but stamping still remains my favorite. My stamper is getting old though, so I decided to try out Born Pretty Store's Double Sided Stamper.

The stamper resembles the Konad Dual Sided Stamper, and comes with a metal edged scraper as well. Here's a peek at what it looks like (Picture from Born Pretty Web Site):

In order to give you all a comprehensive review, I used this stamper several times.  Here is the most recent stamping mani that I used this Stamper for:

(Base color is Tip Top Nails South Africa Blue Meets Green, stamping polish is Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab. Image is from Mash 2012 series plates.)

You may also remember this Manicure, which was also done with this Stamper:

This Stamper has two stamping ends: A large pink side and a smaller green side. Both picked up the images very well and stamped evenly. The only issue I encountered was that the pink end was slightly loose in the base, which meant that I did have to re-fit it occasionally. I didn't really find this all that bothersome though. A little nail glue around the edges fixed the issue pretty quickly and I haven't had any problems since. For me, the big thing is the quality of the image, and this stamper delivered that.

The scraper is a metal-edged scraper, which I'm not that partial to since I don't want to scratch my plates. I did try it out  though and it scraped decently - although I did have to scrap over the plate twice to remove enough polish for a clear image. I've used the Konad scraper as well and although I could remove the polish in one swipe with that one on occasion, I usually had to scrape twice with that one as well.

Overall I'm happy with this Stamper. I've been using it exclusively since I received it and outside of the initial loose end (nail glue fixes so much!), I have had zero problems. As you can see the images are clear and crisp and transfer well, even the more complex images. And for the price? You really can't beat it!

You can check out this Stamper/Scraper combo here, or by visiting BornPrettyStore.com and looking up item number 1514. This combo retails for $3.03, with free worldwide shipping. Born Pretty Store ships quickly as well - I've never waited more than 10 days for a product. Don't forget you can save 10% by using the code below! (If enough of you use this, Born Pretty will sponsor a giveaway, so go forth and use my code!!)

 Have you tried any products from Born Pretty Store? What are your favorites?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. beautiful mani and lovely presentation...

  2. I love that first combo, I can't get over Blue Meets Green!


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