Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ABC Challenge! Letter "A": Laquerlicious "A Card and Candy"

Good morning Lovelies! Welcome to the first day of the ABC Challenge! In case you haven't seen this challenge before, the ABC Challenge consits of posting a polish whose name, brand (or a style of nail art if you would like) that coincides with the letters of the alphabet. Most people do this all at once, but our group likes to be realistic and low pressure, so we are posting once weekly, on Wednesdays, for this challenge. If you haven't joined in, feel free to leave a comment letting me know you'd like to join in and I'll add you to the list!

Today is the letter "A" (anyone else have a Sesame Street moment there?), and Despite this being the first challenge day, I had a hard time deciding. Until the mail came! Michelle was kind enough to me the Laquerlicious Valentines Day Collection to share with you all, and one of the polishes starts with an A! Talk about luck, since I would've been pouting had I not been able to wear one of these babies immediately.;)

Laquerlicious is one of my fave Indie Brands these days.  Michelle's color combos and formula are top notch. This polish is called "A Card and Candy", and is...well, it's freakin' wow! ACAC (as it will now be called since I am a slacker) is a veritable glitter love-fest of multi-sized Pink, Red, and Purple Hexes, Squares, and bars as well as some teeny tiny purple bar glitter, happily swimming along in a soft pastel pink base. It's truly one of those have-to-see polishes, so let's take a peek!

All photos are 2 coats of A Card and Candy topped with Gelous and HK Girl Top Coat. I photographed this in lower light since brighter lighting washed out the pink base. Only a month or so until DSLR time. Woohoo!

Man! I LOVE this polish! I've mentioned before that I love the soft, pastel bases as opposed to the straight white, but pink!!! I love Pink! Combined with all the glitters, this polish really shines.

Once again, Laquerlicious wins. ACAC was usable straight out of the bottle, didn't thicken at all during use, did not glop or goop up, and the glitters weren't all clumped together.

Dreamy! This girl applied so smoothly for a chunky glitter polish. I had zero dargging, balding, or pesky glitter congregating at the tips. I didn't have to hand place a single glitter, and they all lay down nice and flat. ACAC is also much more opaque than I was expecting, with full opacity at 2 thin coats.  ACAC does dry slightly textured, so I added a coat of Gelous (for protection as well....I'm wearing this as a full mani!) before topcoating. So far wear is excellent - I've been cleaning, changing diapers, and typing all morning and not a single bit of tip wear and no chips.

Laquerlicious Valentines Day Collection is coming soon, so keep your eyes out (I'll post when they're listed)! I'll be posting the other 2 V-Day polishes over the next few days, as well as a St. Patrick's Day polish! Woohoo!

All Laquerlicious polishes are 3-free and retail for $8.50 per full size bottle, however Michelle has a huge sale going at the moment. Some full size polishes are only $5.00! Head on over to LaquerliciousUnity on Etsy and check it out!

And that's it for my Letter "A" (Is this where we make Scarlet Letter jokes?). I'm off to see what everyone has posted for today! I highly suggest you check them out as well! We have a super awesome and talented group of polish fanatics and you don't want to miss out!

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Holly @ Facebook (blog link coming soon!)
Sonya (link needed)

I will be adding to the list as people jump in, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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  1. Very pretty polish! It's soft and reminds me of Valentine's Day!

  2. Ohh! A great polish choide to start the challenge with :) I love the square glitter!

    I created a facebook group for us. Come knocking on the door and I'll let everyone in :)

  3. I love this! So pretty. And I too had a Sesame Street flashback. :)

  4. This is a pretty color! So perfect for Valentine's Day!

  5. Yaaay I'm so happy to start a new challenge with you and the other girls again! This polish is so pretty and girly!

  6. omg how gorgeous is that polish!!! I must add this to my wishlist! great first pick!

  7. Great read. LOL re: Sesame Street moment. Yup. It's a luscious polish that looks like it easily finds its level. Love smooth polishes like this. Beautiful mani.

    OOOOOOH re DSLR. Excited to see and read how that works out. I've not seen anything yet that isn't big ass heavy with the lens kit attached. Such a wimp, I am.

    Yay, to the opening day post, darlin!

  8. You and Gini are going to have to share the title of indie queen - looks fab chica!

  9. Fabulous review Kimber! Thank you for helping me out! It's very much appreciated :)

  10. This polish is adorable! Would be great for Valentines Day :)

  11. This is a gorgeous polish! I'd definitely love to join :D I will post the letter A today and next week will post on Wednesday :D


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