Friday, December 7, 2012

New Polish TBH! Tiny Dancer (and a Mondegreen story)

Good morning lovelies! Happy Friday!!! I'll be spending some time finalizing giveaway details today (I'm pretty sure I need to have the polish shipped, right?). Facebook seems to be picking on me lately, what with my news feed staying exactly the same for 5 days, and despite new likes on the page, never increasing the shown number. Since I manually counted 97 likes yesterday, I'm looking at starting the giveaway on Monday. Sound good? Don't forget! I'm not the only mastermind behind the giveaway - The amazing Gini from Sassy Paints is co-sponsoring!

Today I have a really cool new polish to share with you all. I've been showing you a ton of Indie's lately (In fact, the giveaway consists of my fave 3 Indie Brands!), and one of my very fave polishes ever are Christian's creations at Polish TBH. Her first Collection, The Fantasy Collection, just wowed me. I still have a few from Fantasy to share, but since Polish TBH is in the process of releasing a 2nd collection, I could not resist starting to share those as well.

Today's Polish TBH beauty is Tiny Dancer (Known in my house as Tony Danza...more on that later!). Tiny Dance is an absolutely incredible mix of a soft, sheer pink base with loads of subtle irridescent shimmer, and Baby blue, Light Blue squares and glitter. I love this polish since it's not only soft and feminine, but has that extra wow factor due to the glitter. I own a TON of pink, and this one is my very fave (along with 27's Pinkie Promise).

All photos are 3 coats of Tiny Dancer topped with Seche Vite. Pink makes me slightly lobstery in photos, so feel free to point and laugh at my strange skin tone! ;)

I'm telling you guys, this polish makes me all sorts of giddy! My heart literally hurt when I had to remove this. I guarantee I will need a backup bottle of this sooner rather than later! And that glitter! The blue glitters just make my heart sing! Speaking of singing, let me tell you another reason why this polish is so very special to me...

When I first met my husband we talked almost constantly on twitter. One of our first conversations there was about Mondegreens, another word for Misheard Lyrics. One of my all time favorites is  misheard lyric from guessed it! Tiny Dancer. The misheard lyric is : "Hold me Closer Tony Danza". For some reason this makes me giggle almost as much as the misheard lyric "The Girl With Colitis goes by" or "Slow Motion Walter...Fire engine guy!". I do love me some misheard lyrics! Anyway, since my husband and I really started bonding over a misheard Tiny Dance Lyric, this polish has some extra sentimental value.

*insert contented sigh here* Tiny Dancer has a wonderful formula. Thick enough to grab the glitters, yet not too thick to work with, this girl's formula is highly impressive. Absolutely no thickening during use, and no glopping around the bottle neck either. Perfection.

Tiny Dancer flowed onto the nail like buttah! Smooth and silky with just the right mix of glitter. This girl is fairly sheer, so if you mind a little VNL I would use some baby pink undies. Otherwise, 2 coats is fine for opacity - I used 3 since macro mode is so unforgiving. The glitters lay flat on the nail, so no need to smooth things out with Gelous or Glitter Tamer - top coat alone is perfect. I really want to try layering this over a darker color to see what the iridescent shimmer does!

Yes loves, I am head over heels for this polish. I do wish that I could manage to capture the iridescent shimmer in this girl, but I had no sunlight while my camera battery was charged. I think you get this jist of it though - Tiny Dancer is beautiful pink and blue glittery masterpiece!

Polish TBH can be found via Christian's Etsy Shop. All polishes are 3-free, and retail at $8 per full sized bottle, and $4 per mini. Keep an eye out though! There are frequent specials. I will warn you that Polish TBH is in the middle of a restock, so if there's a polish that you would like that isn't listed, shoot Christian an etsy message. She is super sweet and will let you know when your polish of choice will be available.

What do you think of Tiny Dancer? Are you digging the pastel bases as opposed to the usual white?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!
-Not Tony Danza ;)


  1. LOLOL. Love the Tony Danza story! Super. LOLOL.

    This IS a very nice polish. Headed over to check out TBH's wares.


  2. She's in the middle of a restock now so there isn't much listed. Check out Gini's (sassy paints) swatches though. She has the Fantasy Collection on her blog.

  3. This color is GORGEOUS on you! I'll definitely be ordering this one!!

  4. Oh wow you're right, this polish is SO. PRETTY!

  5. Ohh that's soo pretty! I love how delicate it looks


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