Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kleancolor Cobalt

Hello there lovelies! I'm posting a bit later than usual today. As Christmas approaches, things around here begin to become slightly chaotic and my posting schedule gets slightly erratic. I'll still be posting, but they may be later in the day than usual.

Today I have a beautiful brilliant blue to share with you! I was recently contacted by the folks at and asked to review a few of their products. I always research companies before agreeing to a review, and what I found at was really cool! Their website deals in wholesale pricing for not only nail polish but tons of fashion accessories as well! One of the very awesome things about their polish is that if there is a color that you use a ton of, you can buy that one color in bulk for cheap! You can also find some polish collections from Kleancolor, Santee, and Nabi for fabulous pricing as well. I highly recommend you check them out! I'll certainly be buying from them for some Giveaway prizes, gifts for friends and family as well as some jewelry for myself.

One of the polishes that I received is Kleancolor Cobalt. I love Kleancolor polishes for several reasons. Not only are they inexpensive, but their colors are always incredibly vibrant and usually one coaters. Their pastels are soft and beautiful, their holos sparkling, and they have so many awesome glitters. Usually when I buy Kleancolors, they come to be pretty goopy and need a good amount of thinner to be usable. Not these! When I received my package from the polishes were not only usable right from the bottle, but they were packed with the utmost care. Shipping was lighting quick (UPS!) as well. I highly recommend taking a peek at their site.

Let's take a peek at Cobalt, shall we? This girl is an ultra-pigmented Cobalt Blue Shimmer. This color is so bright that it's almost neon. In fact, it dries semi-satin so topcoat is a must shine. These swatches are 2 coats of Kleancolor Cobalt topped with Sally Hansen Mega Shine. None of these have been altered in any way - this is the true color of this polish!

Check out how vibrant this blue is! LOVE!!!! I'm a sucker for a cobalt blue, especially when they are this brilliant!

As I mentioned before, I'm used to having to thin the heck out of my Kleancolor polishes. I was convinced that's just how they are. However, this bottle was usable immediately and I did not use a single drop of thinner. It did not thicken during use or glop around the neck of the bottle.

Smooth and buttery! This was by far my best experience with Kleancolor polish. This girl has no dragging, balding or glopping. Cobalt is also fully opaque in a single coat (I can't wait to use this for stamping!), although I used 2 because I'm a creature of habit. I just can't bring myself to use just one coat.

I'm so impressed with I love the idea of a wholesale site that has polish brands that I like and use, and other accessories that I adore (I love jewelry. I am in love with so many pieces on their site!). You can check out MyWholeSaleFashion by clicking any of my links or by visiting directly. Go forth and check out all they have to offer! It's worth it!


  1. This is so pretty! I love cobalt blues, too!

  2. Beautiful! LOVE how vibrant this color is, and your pictures are wonderful. <3

  3. Wow this is gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of the polish I'm wearing right now, Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Co-bolt Blue!

  4. Yowza! This is a gorgeous colour!! Beautiful swatches, thank you!

  5. Very pretty!!!! Your nails look fab, BTW!

    Merry Christmas, Kimber!



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