Friday, December 28, 2012

Kelara Lacquers Fantasy Collection: Daydream

Hello Lovelies! Happy Friday! It's getting close to 2013 and I'm pretty excited. The New Year brings some changes to KLK, including tutorials, full collection reviews, and Flakie Fridays with Susan from The Subtle Shimmer!

Today I have another polish from Kelara Lacquers to share with you. This is Daydream, a simpy beautiful mix of Large Blue Hex, medium Pink Hex, and small baby blue glitters in a soft blue base. I have to admit, I was not in love with this polish at first....but once I added my Gelous to it I changed my tune. I'll explain all that after some photos!

First of all, please forgive the bubbling. My top coat did not play well with this polish at all. These bubbles were not there until I added my top coat and I swatched this twice in an attempt to get rid of them. Cool thing is that in person they look like pink glitter.:) And of course, my hands are dry and angry due to Xmas festivities, unboxing toys that are almost adult-proof, and horrible cold, windy days.

This is 3 coats of Daydream, no undies, topped with SH Mega Shine:

Like I said previously, I didn't love this one at first, but I fell in love fast. I really like that the base is not white but a soft baby blue. It's a nice twist on the ever-popular white base with glitter that we've seen so much of this year.

Daydream is a little on the thick side, and since I am a fan of thin coats I did add a few drops of thinner. The thickness does aid in picking up those large glitters, however this polish has so much glitter that it's really not an issue. In fact, at times I felt like there was too much glitter!

Daydream applied wonderfully save for one thing: The large blue hexes really wanted to stick to their friends on the coat underneath. As soon as they touched the glitters from the previous coat, they did not want to move. This resulted in some areas where there was just too much glitter in one place on the nail. I remedied this by placing a drop of polish on the nail as usual, but instead of polishing normally, I flattened out the drop of polish to see how much glitter was there, then applied the first brush strokes where more glitter was needed. Sounds like a pain but it was really fast and worked perfectly.
My only other issue was with bubbling, but to be honest there were no bubbles at all until I added my top coat. The bubbles go all the way down to my bare nail so it's definitely the top coat and not the polish here. Even after I applied a coat of Gelous there was no bubbling. Don't let the bubbles put you off! It's not the polish!:)

Overall I really like this polish and do see myself wearing this often. I don't have any polish like this one in my stash (I've steered clear of the thousands of white based glitters just because there are so many of them and I'm leaning toward more unique polish lately), which makes me like this one all the more.

Kelara Lacquers are 3-Free and lovingly hand made by the Husband and Wife team of Kellen and Tara. You can find them at Kelara Lacquers on Etsy and full size bottles retail for $9, minis $4.50. There are entire collections available as well, so check them out!

What do you think of Daydream? Are you a white base person or do you prefer the softer, pastel base?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. I really like the baby blue base. Makes a nice change from all the milky based colours that are so popular :) xx

  2. I'm liking the blue base. Very pretty!


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