Monday, December 3, 2012

Essie Repstyle Magnetic Collection: Sssssexy (and some Magnetic Tricks!)

Hello loves! I know, I'm posting all sorts of late in the day again. Been a hectic day since B was feeling under the weather, then went to help a friend move. I was handling he business as well as the kiddos which didn't leave much free time. But, I'm here now!

Since my last post on Essie's Repstyle Collection drew some attention, I decided to swatch a couple more for you guys. Today's post is a bit different though! Since we have seen how well the magnet that comes with he polish worked for me, I decided to use one of my China Glaze magnets to see just how magnetic the polish actually is. I've seen a lot of complaints about the magnetic quality of the polish, and I'm going to share a few tips with you all as well.

I chose to share Sssssexy, a candy apple type Red today. This is a truly beautiful color, although IRL i does seem slightly muted for a red. Leave it to Essie to keep it classy and not over the top! I used my magnet from the China Glaze Magnetics II Collection for the image, and this was my result:

The polish itself seems to work pretty consistently regardless of which magnet is used. As you can see, it still doesn't cover the sides of my nails - but that has more to do with the magnets being flat while my nails have a very defined C-Curve.  I do love this color, though! It's beautiful while still being classy.

Sssssexy's formula was very different from Snake It Up. I found Sssssexy to be very thick, even after a few drops of thinner. It thickened a bit during use as well.

Sssssexy's application was frustratng as well. Due to the thickness of the polish, I had some bubbling. The magnet pulled out most of the bubbles, but you can still see some of them. I actually removed and re-applied this and had the exact same issue. My nails were squeeky clean as well, no oils or balms on the nail bed. The polish also tended to drag and glop on the nail as it were drying almost instantly - however I found this very slow to dry, even with a coat of SV. I will say that I had no issues with the pattern emerging, but I have a few tricks in that area!

If you don't mind a little work and a longer dry time, these polishes are worth taking a peek at. I do find the almost $12 price point to be a bit high or a drugstore magnetic, but those of us that are Essie fans will almost certainly give these a go.  I used my reward points to for Sssssexy, so even had I despised it and chucked it out a window, I wasn't losing any money. :)

You can find Repstyle at Walgreens and CVS ( Ive seen them at both). And now.......

Magnetic Polish Tips and Tricks:

1. Use thin coats if possible. Thicker coats seem to show less of the image (at least in my experience).

2. Start with a single coat of polish on all nails. Then Apply the 2nd coat of magnetic polish to one hand. Do not apply the magnet after the second coat! This step is what helps me consistently create a stronger image. Apply a coat of Gelous to one nail. Hold the magnet over the nail with the gelous for about 60 seconds (See below for magnet tips). You read that right, 60 seconds. Most polish will say 5-20 seconds, but I have found 60 to give the best result. Repeat gelous and magnet until all nails on same hand are finished - repeat entire process with other hand.

3.Using The Magnet: Place the magnet with either the cuticle ledge or the edge of the cap resting on the edge of your finger, just before the cuticle. I find this helps to steady the magnet, avoiding blurry images. Slowly tilt the magnet toward the nail until it is as close as you can get it without touching the nail. I hold my hand at sideways after lining up the magnet so I can see the gap between the nail and the magnet. Be sure to keep the magnet over the polish for at least 30 seconds, preferably 60. I've tried all sorts of combinations and 60 seconds really does seem to work best.

4. After all nails are finished, seal with topcoat. Voila! A stronger image!

These tricks do not increase dry time normally, so don't worry about that. You do not need to use a thick coat of Gelous either. A little dab works just as well! I hope you find these little tricks helpful! I'm by no means an expert, these are just what work for me.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. oooooooh that's so gorgeous! It even looks a bit like roses

  2. Thanks for the tips, honey. I'm going to give them a shot. This particular magnet worked beautifully!!!!



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