Friday, November 23, 2012

Essie Repstyle Magnetics : Snake It Up

Good Morning lovelies! For all my U.S friends, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I feel much like I gained 10 lbs and am still fairly lethargic from all that food!

Today I have one of the new Essie Repstyle Magnetic polishes to share with you all. I stumbled across this at Walgreens and fell in love with the color, and figured it worth a share. And since I have a ton of really cool Indies coming up, I figured I would swatch this now - kind of a little break from all the glittah!

The Essie Repstyle Collection is brand new, and features 6 magnetic colors in mostly neutral tones. There is only one magnetic design  with these, and it happens to guessed it! Snakeskin. Snake It Up and Sssnake are the only 2 in the collection that are really vibrant, Sssnake being a jewel toned red, and Snake It Up being a Dusty Blue. Considering my love for blues, it should be no surprise that Snake It Up was my final choice. I heavily considered Sssnake as well, but at almost $12.00 each for these, I decided that one was going to have to do.

All photos are 2 coats of Snake It Up with a coat of Gelous to intensify the magnetic effect.

Snake It Up kind of reminds me of a magnetic version of Dive Bar, which is my very favorite Essie Polish. In some light, it seems to have a bit more blurple to it, which makes it even more stunning.

Snake It Up's formula was a dream to work with. Great consistency, no thickening, glopping, or gooping. And as a bonus, it seems to have less of that strange smell magnetics have.

Smooth and silky, Snake It Up flowed onto the nail nicely and stayed put. I did find that the magnetic effect was fairly week, so I added a coat of Gelous to my nails before using the magnet, which intensified the effect. Even then, the pattern isn't as bold as I would like, and did not cover the sides of my nails. The magnet does not have the ridge to rest on your finger, so you have to hold it flat over the nail, which seemed to leave an inconsistent image. Dry time was long, even with a coat of Seche Vite.

Even though I adore the color, I don't feel like these are really worth $12. Granted I have paid more for magnetic polish (Layla's retail at $15), however my Layla's have a stronger magnet and the image is much more solid. If the price point was a bit lower, I would probably pick up one or two more of these, since I still love magnetics, especially after using them in a gradient. For now, I think I'll wait until they're on sale.

What do you think of Snake It Up? Will you be trying out any of the Repstyle Collection?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! Be sure to stay tuned for more Glitzology, Twenty Seven, Polish TBH and more!!



  1. Love the pattern in this magnetic polish! :)

  2. Wow. That's a stunner. Hadn't realized Essie was coming out with magnetics. This is real pretty, Kimber. However, 12 bucks a pop is highway robbery for drugstore polish. Yikes.

    Great job, as usual.


    1. Oh yeah. Way pricey for drugstore. As much as I love this color, not worth that much! And the other colors are way tame for me.

  3. I do like this color and the pattern on this! Very beautiful but I agree, i'd wait for a sale before I picked any up.

  4. I never knew about Essie launching magnetic polishes! It looks cool! ...oh and also I could never find essie at Walgreens! Are they only available at a few stores? Cause I only visited 1 ...

  5. This looks sooo pretty! I've been ignoring the drugstores 'cuz of my no-buy so I had no clue these existed!

  6. I bought these today and I have to say your review was spot on .... The colors are beautiful and the formula is great .... But the design (which was the pull for me) left something to be desired .... I couldn't get the image on my whole nail either and it was very weak ..... I test the polish with my Layla magnets and the designs showed up beautifully so it confirmed for me that the Essie magnet is just not very strong

    1. That's the biggest bummer, too! I totally love the effect, if only it would cover my whole nail. =( The snakeskin/fishnet look is so cool but I can't seem to get it right. I had this issue with other magnets, too, but not as bad. If only they were able to curve them slightly to match your nail.

  7. Wow! It actually looks pretty good :) The last time I googled it to see swatches... I seen some really bad ones. I thought it was the polish, but now getting a better look I think it may have been user error :/ It didn't look anything look this! I can't wait to see the others you have to show ;)


  8. wow your swatch is so clear and beautiful! D


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