Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spun Sugar Mani featuring Spoiled by Wet N Wild Distant Memory

Hi Ladies! Happy Wednesday!

Today I have a Spun Sugar Mani to share with you guys. WARNING! Bad pics, dry hands, and wonky nail shape ahead!  I wore this mani before the nail break that took my nails down to the quick, and I was still trying to find the right shape and balance for this length. My nails just didn't want to cooperate and kept flaring out at the edges. I've also been doing alot of cleaning and pulling weeds, so my hands are pretty darn dry and I keep getting stabbed with thorny weeds, so ignore the scratches and little stabs to my fingertips and cuticles please! :) We have these weeds out here that are so sharp and pointy that they will stab you through gloves! Evil! Anyway, I'm very self conscious about my hands at the moment, and really wanna cry over how dry and ragged my cuticles became almost overnight. But, until I can get a maid and a gardener, I'm stuck mucking up my hands. Waaaaaaaaah. I'm a whiner today.

For this mani I chose a base of Spoiled by Wet N Wild Distant Memory, a bright Neon Teal. I tried to capture this color as accurately as possible, but IRL it's much more vibrant and the teal is almost blinding. It's a really pretty color and I have some plans for this baby! After my base color was dry, I took my Finger Paints Black Expressionism and blobbed some down on a piece of wax paper. I let it sit for a few minutes, letting it get nice and tacky and gooey. Then I took my dotting tool, dipped it into the polish blob, and pulled the polish up from the wax paper in a string. Then I draped the polish string over my nail and repeated the process until I was satisfied with how it looked, and finally added a good coat of SV (it bubbled a little due to the space between the nail and the spun!). Sounds simple right? Wrong! It's messy! And getting that string of polish up onto the nail is much harder than it sounds! You should've seen the mess I made! Since my time was limited and I hadn't realized how time consuming this mani was going to be, I kept the spun sugar effect light. I think it looks kind of like raised tiger stripes on most nails. I do really like this effect and am hoping to have a chunk of time soon to play around with and create a mani with more of the spun sugar effect. Until then, have a look at what I managed to create!

1 coat Seche Recondition
1 coat Instant Artificials Base Coat
2 coats Spoiled Distant Memory
Spun Sugar Effect with Finger Paints Black Expressionism
1 thick coat Seche Vite

Please forgive my zombie hands in some pics and lobster hands in others. My camera doesn't like Teal at all. Pesky camera!! ;)

Isn't that a really cool effect? I don't think it's too bad for my first try, but I really do want to perfect this. I love how it looks without top coat and saturated with polish strings. I think maybe next time I'll load up the nails with the strings and skip the top coat. It will have to wait until I have a bit more length though. I'm not sure if I can make it work on my itty bitty super nubbins! (you'll meet those tomorrow. They've grown a bit since I had to take them all the way down, but they're still super duper right at the nail bed nubbins. I'll be honest, I hated them and wanted to cry...until I applied Julep I love them. But that's another post!

Distant Memory, although a lovely color, had it's issues. First off, the brush was the worst Spoiled brush I have ever encountered. It looked like a little mop that was pulled out of a garbage disposal. I couldn't get a clean line to save my life! The formula was also pretty thick and gloppy. Combine that with fast dry time and application was not pleasant. Thank god for SV! The color is gorgeous, but I think I'll swap out brushes next time I use my spoileds. I hear the brushes from Sinful Colors fit the Spoiled bottles.

Hope you're all having a happy "hump day" and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Polishing!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was fun, but messy!!!

  2. For some reason I think I have Distant Memory but I can't be sure. I hate the Spoiled's brushes! They are so hard to work with, I've been actually checking the brushes at the store before buying them cause I've come home with some really really messed up ones. The mani looks absolutely gorgeous! Especially with the nubbins! I love nubbins!! -=D

    1. Oooooh those brushes drive me nuts! Even the "good" ones are horrible. The last time I used a spoiled I took a brush from an empty maybelline polish and used that instead. Worked muuuuuuch better.

      I'm starting to love my nubbins again. I was wearing a gold magnetic for awhile and it just made them look horrible. Now that I'm wearing a vampy I dig them again. Wait until you see how short they are now. It's amazing. I've only gone this short once, and that was another tragic break.

  3. It looks lovely! I like the results you got. I also really like the colors, might need to head over to CVS soon!

    1. Thanks! I really want to use more strings next time, but it was so time consuming to even get this far! Isn't this color awesome? I love Spoiled's colors enough to keep using them despite the evil mop brush!

  4. Love these Kimberly, and the colours together are perfect. Hope you are well.x

  5. This is amazing!! I'm gaga for teal polish and I absolutely LOVE this mani! I also agree about the Spoiled brushes, horrendous!!


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