Monday, August 25, 2014


Nothing to Disclose

I did not want to write this here. In fact, sharing it on my social media was hard enough. But since I keep receiving a slew of "Where is my review" emails, I feel that it is necessary. Not that my blog is being read by those people anyway, otherwise they would probably already have a good idea of why those reviews have not happened.

I have taken several breaks from this blog over the past 21 months, all of which have been to spend time with and help my mother, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable, incurable Adenocarcinoma of the lung in December of 2012. for the past 2 months, I managed to only blog a small portion of my to be reviewed items before my mother began to deteriorate, and once again I decided to take time off to be with and help her. This was posted all over my social media accounts, which apparently are just ignored. Anyway - I stopped blogging abruptly, and mentioned on social media (again, waste of time) that my mother was having complications. I needed to be with her. And you know what? I'm so glad I did.

My Mother passed away around 3 am the morning of Friday, August 22, 2 days after being released from the hospital. I didn't post this information until yesterday, being utterly devastated and unable to function at all , however today I have already received 3 "why have you not posted reviews for the products I sent you in June/July/August?" emails. Can you imagine how hard it is to have to handle those guilt packed emails while grieving the loss of a parent that you were never more than  2 miles from your entire life??

So, here is my answer to everyone that may feel the need to ask me: I have made everyone aware of what was going on with my Mom over the last 21 months, and both times that I have taken time away from the blog. . I have mentioned it in emails to everyone, including major companies, I have posted it on social media that several of you have commented on. Please do not email me asking when I'm going to post your review. I am grieving the loss of my mother, and I feel like I am drowning. Your review means precisely dick to me at the moment, and every email I read that asks me this, makes it worse.

The answer, for everyone that wishes to know, is this: Don't hold your breath. If I come back to the blog, I'll post it. If not, I won't. It's that simple. As of right now, I don't care to blog anymore. I want to be with my family, celebrate my Mother's life, and grieve her passing. Reviews are not more important than that, nor were they more important than spending those final weeks with my mom instead of spending 8 hours a day working on this blog. If people can't understand that, tough shit. Not the kind of people I would want to review for anyway. This is not an issue of me just wanting free product and not following through - this is the loss of my mother. If there are any doubts, please head to and search the obituaries for "Newman". It will run through Wednesday. Or , you can head to the French's Funeral and Cremations (albuquerque westside) website and search for "Newman" to view the permanent obituary and guest book.

I apologize for being abrupt, but I lost my mother - weeks before we were expecting to. I am lost, shattered, devastated and it's hard to function. These emails make it even harder. Leave me to grieve. Your reviews are honestly my last priority at the moment.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Polish TBH Uniquely Me -- A Very Special Polish (you should read this, really!)

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Hello my lovelies! It's Saturday, yet I am still feeling like crud. I seem to be stuck in the phase where the swelling is mostly gone, but what is left is putting pressure on my inner ear, causing some pretty annoying dizzy spells. No driving for me. But, I did manage to swatch last night, which makes it all better.

Today's polish is a very special polish, and I am beyond honored to play a part in bringing this polish to you.

A couple weeks ago, Christian from Polish TBH messaged me about helping out with a special polish that she was creating to help out a little boy with Autism. His parents are raising money to get him a service dog, which is invaluable to a lot of people with Autism, and has been proven to be especially beneficial for kids.  Now, if you know anything about me, it's probably that my own daughter is on the Autism spectrum, and that there isn't much I won't do to help out a child on the spectrum, and this really touched me. To read more about the family this polish is helping, please take a moment to read Chrissy's blog post here. There are also links for donations, and I cannot tell you how expensive service dogs are alone, not to mention fencing, care, and all that, Insurance does not cover any of this!

 I can't take much credit for the polish - I just threw out a reference point and Christian did all the work, but I would be lying if I said that this isn't one of the prettiest polishes around. Period.

Uniquely Me is vibrant blue jelly polish with red, yellow, green, blue, black and white glitters, The blue represents the official color of Autism Awareness, and the glitter colors represent the colors of the puzzle pieces in the Autism Awareness ribbon. To make it even more awesome, there is even some holo dust in there!

I took some normal shots first, to show how gorgeous this polish is overall. This is 2 coats with top coat here:

Egads!!!! The squishy!!!! And you know I am a sucker for blue! I do wish I had some sunlight here to show off that holo sparkle, but it's overcast and we have had record rains here.

So, how about some artsy shots? Ha!

Le gorgeous, right? The vibrant base and all those glitters just make this baby sing. Christian really did an amazing job. As a side note, I'm kinda playing with my second hand pose since getting my nails perfectly straight for my usual hand pose is becoming nightmarish. My nails don't sit straight, and they don't grow straight, and its kinda hurty with my tendonitis and all.

But enough about that! Macro!

I swear ya'll - that blue is killing me! To die for!!!! *swoon*

Uniquely Me is a true jelly glitter bomb, so it starts fairly sheer and builds to opacity. Obviously the opacity is amazing since I'm only wearing 2 coats here! The formula is perfect - nice and smooth with no dragging or balding and the glitter behaves nicely. Dry time was much faster than I had expected with a jelly glitter bomb, and wear is outstanding (I'm still wearing this!).

Loves, this is a beautiful polish for an amazing cause. Grab it while you can!

Uniquely Me will be available for purchase from Polish TBH on August 1. This polish will be available in full size only for $15 ($10 goes to the family and their service dog), and will come in a white capped, retro bottle. Follow Polish TBH on Facebook and Instagram for release and order info.

What do you think of this polish? Are you going to grab a bottle?

I'll be back with another beauty from Polish TBH (hopefully) tomorrow - tooth permitting. I also have a ton of polishes from Laquerlicious and Peaches Polish so come back soon!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Egyptian Nails with Born Pretty Store Water Decals!

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Hello my loves! I apologize for my absence, again. If you follow me on Instagram or facebook, you may already know why I was MIA - I am suffering from not one, but 3 tooth abscesses. I have a broken molar on the bottom right side of my mouth, that decided to abscess and take the 2 surrounding teeth with it. For the past 4 days, my face has been hugely swollen, and even moving my head is incredibly painful. My dentist rocks, and saw me Monday morning as soon as I woke up and called, and I'm on antibiotics, but the infection is so bad that I still have a gold ball sized lump that hurts like crazy. I guess when the tooth cracked, it had a small hole in the center that food was getting down into. Brushing was not able to remove it, and so it became infected. Fun stuff!! And I had an appt for it next week too. Oh well. Nothing much I can do save for suffer through until the swelling is gone and I can have the teeth fixed.

Today I am back to swatching and have all sorts of killer goodies to share!

You all know about my love for Born Pretty Store's nail art products, and today I have some seriously cool water decals to show you all. Now, this manicure isn't perfect - I'll admit that now. I worked on this with a face the size of Guatemala, so please forgive my mistakes! I will say that these are some of the coolest water decals ever. I adore all things Egyptian - I've been obsessed with Egyptian mythology since I was a kid - I even have the Eye of Horus tattooed on my right bicep - so when  saw these, I knew I had to try them.

These are a bit different than the usual water decals I use -- these are large enough to use as a full nail decal, or partial nail, and would also make some wicked accent nails. I chose to show these over a white base polish to make the colors pop.

Are those not super cool? Like I said, the placement is not perfect since my face was super swollen and super painful, making this the hardest manicure on earth, but one must have cool nails for emergency dental work right?

Like all of Born Pretty Store's water decals, these are soooo simple to use. Just apply your base color and let dry. Then cut your decals to the size of your choice, dunk in water, apply to the nail and let dry for a few minutes. Add top coat and voila! Fast and easy, epic nail art!

These decals come in a pack of 10 - 2 of each design for one full manicure, or several accent nails. The pack sells for $2.98 at, search for item number 10754, or click here to go right to them. This is design number 112 - there are also peacock and leopard designs available. Go grab some - they are too cool to pass up. They are also incredibly long lasting, remaining perfect until I removed them 4 days after applying!

What do you think of these water decals? Are you a fan of egyptian art?

Don't forget that you can save 10% on your order from Born Pretty Store by using the discount code below! Also give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest nail art supplies.

I have a ton of new polishes coming up- some amazing-ness from Polish TBH and Laquerlicious, as well as a new Aussie Indie, Peaches Polish! You don't want to miss these, so check back soon!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I, A.M. Custom Color - Girls of Phnom Pehn

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Helllllo, Lovelies! I know, It's been a few days. I don't have crazy deadlines at the moment, so I took a few days to run errands and just hang out with my fam. It was nice to be able to chill for a bit, but I do better when I have a pile of polish waiting to be swatched than I do when I can take my time. I guess I'm one of those people that works better under pressure.

Today I have another beauty from I, A.M Custom Color to dazzle your eyeholes! Can you say Glitter? I knew you could!

This polish is from the June Rebel 4 A Cause Series - The No More Child Brides Collection.  June's spotlight is on child marriage and child trafficking for the overly large and equally apalling sex trade industry. This is one of those causes, much like FGM, that really raises my hackles. Children being married off as young as 8 or 9?? Little girls of the same age being sold to traffickers for the sole purpose of being sold to perverts for sex???? How does this even still exist!?!?! I can't really say much more without going off and swearing like a sailor, but Ashlie has a wonderful, informative post that you can check out here. 

Girls of Phnom Pehn is today's polish star, and she is a gorgeous mix of purple, white, and black glitters in all shapes, sizes, and finishes, with some magenta holo microglitter adding some serious pizazz. This glitter topper is nothing short of spectacular! This is 2 thin coats of GOPP over Sinful Colors Candy Coated.

Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Can you see that gorgeous magenta in there? And the holo sparkles??? Be still my heart!!

It's official, I more than love this glitter. This is one of my all time faves! The magenta in this slays me - can you tell? It just gives it such a beautiful pop of bright color and sparkle.


See that color now? And all the different shapes of the glitters? *Wipes drool*. Ashlie, you are a genius. I bow down to your polish making skills!

So, how does Girls of Phnom Pehn stack up? The formula is fab, as usual. Ashlie never lets me down, I swear. This baby applied smooth and even with not a single glitter issue. No clumping, no fishing, just sweet, sweet glittery goodness. GOPP dries fast as well, and the wear is excellent. I wore this one for a few days as well, and it was still perfect when I removed it last night. I also did not have to use a glitter smoothing top coat with this polish - just my DiamondPro top coat smoothed things out perfectly. Yup, yet another winner from Miss Ashlie!!!

You can grab this gorgeous glitter at I, A.M. Custom Color on Store Envy for $12.50 full size. 25% of proceeds goes to charity. Hurry though! This is an LE polish and will not last long. While you're there, make sure to check out the other Rebel 4 A Cause polishes, and Ashlie's new Bday Duo (which includes Cali Bombshell, that amazing Gold Metallic Holon that you all fell in love with on IG!)! You can follow I, A.M. Custom Color on Facebook and Instagram for new releases, sales info and more pics.

What do you think of this glitter topper? Are you a fan of toppers or full coverage glitters?

I have more from Miss Ashlie on the way, as well a some Water Decals from Born Pretty Store and a very special Polish TBH.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bootie Babe- Butt Out!

Nothing to Disclose

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Hellllooo Loves! Happy Sunday! Sunday's are kinda like my Saturdays, since the Hubs days off start Sunday, so it's a happy day of the week for me. It means some time where I can relax and not have to chase the dogs or the 4 year old for a bit! And of course, swatching!

Today's polish is from a brand that I have been wanting to try for quite some time, Bootie Babe. They caught my eye with their hiney shaped bottles and rear-end themed names, so when I saw Butt Out on sale for $5 a few weeks back, I snagged it without hesitation. I mean, who can resist a sparkly butt???

Butt Out is a coppery, pinky, kinda purply duochrome shimmer loaded with large holographic glitters. It's hard to describe because it really does change colors depending on light and angle. In my lightbox, for instance, it shows more of a coppery pink, but outside it's more of a dusty pink with silver. I do wish that I had the time to photograph this from every possible angle, but since I don't, you get to see what it looks like in the lightbox, which is also what it looks like indoors most of the time.

This is 2 coats of butt out, with a single coat of top coat. It does look a bit bumpy because I use a 10x magnifier on my lens, so you can see every little nook and cranny, plus this polish really does need a smoother or 2 coats of top coat for it to be entirely smooth due to those large holo glitters. I don't mind texture, so I didn't bother with either. :)

I have to say it - this is gorgeous. No doubt about it!

You can see a bit more of the pink in the last 2 shots, but I do wish I had the time to take some sunlight shots of this. It has been storming here for the past 4 days, so sunlight hasn't been all that abundant.

The base color looks very coppery here since this was taken in the lightbox as well, but you can also see all the colors in the holo glitter!

Butt Out is certainly one unique polish, and I am so glad that I grabbed it. I will definitely be adding more Bootie Babe to my stash as soon as my budget allows it (losing $550 a month in income is seriously hurting my blogging game, yo!)

Butt Out's formula is stellar, and application is flawless. No dragging, balding, or problematic glitters, and dry time was fast, fast, fast! Wear is exceptional with no chipping at a whopping 4 days! Can you tell I'm in love with this polish? 4 days is almost unheard of in my world! I was, and am, just mesmerized by the colors and the holo in this polish. Just fabulous!

I do want to mention that the formula may seem familiar, and that is because Bootie Babe is made by Nubar. I dunno about you lovelies, but I really dig Nubar polishes. I did not know Bootie Babe was related to Nubar in any way until yesterday, but it's right there on the website. Thought I'd just share that little tidbit!

You can check out Butt Out and all the bootie shakin' pretties at BootieBabe.Com (I have my eye on Honky Badonky, Hind Quarter, and a few others!). Most polishes sell for $8, but there are several on sale for $6 right now, so grab a few! Who doesn't need some butt shaped polishes in their collection? You can also find Bootie Babe on Facebook  and Instagram.

What do you think of Butt Out? Do you have any Bootie Babe polishes in your stash?

I have more from I, A.M. Custom Color on the way, as well as some Born Pretty Store water decals and Sally Hansen Color Foils. Stay Tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Born Pretty Store Nail Charms and Souchka Nails custom polish.

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Hello lovelies! I am grumpy and overheated today. It is crazy hot here in ABQ, and my AC cannot seem to keep up. I'm ready to crawl into the freezer, I kid you not.  If I had the energy to stand out in the heat and clean out my son's kiddie pool, I would and then spend the rest of the day lying in it. But alas! It is too hot to spend an hour out there draining the water and rinsing out the dead bug carcasses and dust, then refilling.

Today I have some nail charms from Born Pretty Store to show ya. I think I am developing a thing for nail charms. I love how they are such an easy way to dress up any manicure without spending a lot of time on nail art. This time I went for some larger, blingier charms. I paired them with a gorgeous glittery polish that I stole from Ashlie awhile back, and I love the result!

I'll apologize now for not being able to give you more details on this polish. All I know is that it's a custom, made for Ashlie by Souchka Nails, and it's gorgeous. IRL the blue has a subtle purple shift to it that is just stunning. I saw this polish and pretty much annoyed Ashlie for hours with how much I wanted this on my nails! Add the nail charm and it's one beautiful manicure.

Isn't that pretty? The polish is amazing, and the nail charm is so intricate and blingy, but not completely
over the top.

These charms are heavier and larger than the last charms I used, and I wasn't sure I would be able to keep them on with my usual top coat method, but they applied and stayed put for 2 days. To apply them, I just added a thick coat of top coat and set the charm onto the wet top coat. Then I pushed the charm down into the polish and voila! All done. No messing with glue! To remove them, I just popped them right off with no fuss. They come in packs of 5, and are re-usable, so even if you lose 1 you're safe. They are heavy and incredibly sturdy - no bending or warping, and the rhinestones do not loosen or fall out. Overall a great nail charm and I'm digging how they spiff up any polish for any occasion.

You can find these nail charms at, item number 10410, or just click here to go right to the charms. They sell for $2.84 for the 5 pack, which is a steal for such awesome charms. Don't forget to follow Born Pretty Store on Facebook and Instagram for great nail art ideas, new products and more. You can also use my discount code below to save 10% on your entire order.

What do you think of these charms? Do you prefer simple or bling?

I'll be back with some Booty Babe and more from I, A.M. Custom Color! I also have some awesome water decals to share, so check back soon.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I, A.M Custom Color B-Day Duo! Cali Bombshell (holo!!!) & Summertime's Sublime

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Hello there my lovelies!!!! I know, it's been a few days...I haven't been slacking, I promise. Occasionally my life gets super crazy (not like it's not crazy to begin with) and I end up frazzled and unable to accomplish much outside of keeping my children from mortally wounding themselves and myself from tearing my hair out. The past few days have been like that. I actually fell asleep at 8 last night (I'm usually up swatching until around 3am), and woke up at 530 this morning so I could edit photos and post. Even cropping, watermarking, and light balancing weren't happening over the past few days! I'm hoping things settle down soon, although I do have a ton of errands to run. Still.

Today I have 2 totally amazing polishes with which to dazzle your eyeholes! My love Ashlie from I, A.M. Custom Color has a birthday coming up in July, and has created a polish duo to celebrate. I'll warn you now, loves, pictures cannot do these 2 justice! They are baum-shicky-baum baum sexay!!

First up is Cali Bombshell, a gold metallic linear holographic polish. Yup, you read that right - metallic linear holo. Gold. Like a brick of solid gold kind of gold. With holo. Lots of holo. This polish is eye-searing good, loves. I wore this for almost 3 days because I couldn't bear to take it off. This is 2 coats of Cali Bombshell in all it's blinding glory!

Very Direct Sunlight:

Look at that polish!!! *Does the happy dance* I die, I tell you!

Indirect Sunlight:

ZOMGWTFBBQ!!! I cannot contain my crazy joy over this one. It's perfect! The color, the holo, the metallic's blindingly good, folks. You need this. If you only ever listen to me once in your entire life, make it now.

Have a macro! Not the best shot, but this polish blinded my camera. Even in indirect light! However, you can clearly see the colors here, and that is what I wanted to show you.

Next up is Summertime's Sublime (notice the play on a certain song from a certain band here?), a neon coral creme. I feel i should warn you that this polish is much more vibrant IRL - photos do not do the this baby justice at all. Corals are hard to capture in the first place, as are neons. Put the 2 together and it's a recipe for my camera to lay down and give up. Ok, not really. But you get the point, right?

This is 2 coats of Summertime's Sublime in zee lightbox. I added some black rhinestones andf a couple of stamped roses because this color was just begging to be adorned.

*Le Sigh* How I love this coral. I've really only loved one other coral creme in my life, that being Sally Hansen's Caribbean Coral, but this one?? This one has pretty much bumped Caribbean Coral out of her top spot. I love how this is a perfect blend of orangy, pinky goodness, and the depth is just perfect.

Need I say more? I mean, look at it!! *Dies* I do love it with black for sure - I knew that I had to add some stamping to this polish as soon as Ashlie sent me pics, but I wasn't prepared for just how much I would love this combo. I also think this color would be perfect as a gradient base for palm tree nail art.

So, let's talk formula and application for a sec. Cali Bombshell's formula blew me away. Holos are finicky enough on their own, but metallics are known to be unforgiving. Not this girl! I don't know how Ashlie did it, but the formula is perfection without being overly thick. It applies smoothly and evenly with no dragging or balding, which is huge for a metallic holo. Dry time is fast, fast, fast, and wear? I wore this for 3 days and had zero chips. None. Crazy! Summertime's Sublime is just as awesome with a smooth, buttery formula that almost applies itself. Opacity is excellent, although you do really need 2 coats, one coat is close, but not as vibrant as this girl is meant to be. Dry time was fast and wear was just as fabulous as Cali Bombshell.

Have I mentioned that you need these? Cause you do! These polishes will be available at I, A.M. Custom Color on Store Envy on 7/5. They will only be available as a set, which will run $25 shipped, with a free Monkey Farts scented cuticle oil. The cuticle oil is jojoba based, and is brand new. This is actually a $33 value for $25 shipped, loves! And I'll be honest - Cali Bombshell alone is worth $33 to me! You can follow I, A.M. Custom Color on Facebook and Instagram for more pics, sales and pre-sale info, and new releases.

Which one of these is *your* fave?

I'll have some more goodies from I, A.M. Custom Color coming up soon, including the DiamondPro Top Coat, which is my go-to top coat. I'll also have some more of Ashlie's holos and glitters, which you definitely wanna see. Also, more nail art and some Sally Hansen Color Foil swatches!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Black on Black stamping

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Happy Saturday, my lovelies! I have a quick post with some stamping for you all today! I'm running around today, since I've been so busy this week that I'm behind on errands, so I thought I would sneak in a quick post before I head off to the post office.

You may remember that I was sent an awesome new stamping plate from Born Pretty Store to try out, and I fell in love with every design on that plate. In fact, I've used 3 so far! The second one I'm showing today, and the third you'll be seeing tomorrow.

When I saw this plate, I knew I had to do a sheer stamped mani with one of the 2 paisley images. I have seen several really awesome manicure using a sheer crelly or jelly as a base, and adding nail art with the opaque version of the same color. I don't know who started this, but I first saw this technique on Nailstorming's IG page. She used a sheer black base and added opaque black dots and frames. Such a cool idea!

Since I didn't have a black sheer polish, I made on myself by adding 4-5 drops of a black creme polish to a clear polish. Voila! Instant sheer black! I used 2 coats of my sheer black, and then stamped using plate QA 59 from Born Pretty Store and Konad Black. I love the result, although I made my sheer black polish a bit too thick and did get some bubbles.

So cool!! This is my first time using the opaque on sheer look for nail art, but I think I am hooked. I love how this mani looks incredibly sheer in direct light (above), but darkens otherwise (below).

 The change in how sheer the base looks is awesomesauce, right?? I really dig this with the paisley design too. So many really awesome possibilities with this technique, right? And so easy to do - if you don't have a sheer polish in your color of choice, just add 3-5 drops of your color of choice into clear polish (works best with cremes, obviously), shake, and voila! Instant sheer polish that matches your darker polish! I'm gonna have to stock up on clear polish now.

The stamping plate is the one shown below - plate QA 59 from Born Pretty Store. This has become one of my favorite plates! I love every single design and even the single images are ones that I will actually use. The plate itself is quality - the images are nicely etched and transfer incredibly well. The size of the images is perfect as well. With my longer nails it's important to me that the images actually fit my nail, and most plates fall just shy of the edge of my nail. This one has a tiny bit of room to spare!

You can find this plate at by searchingfor item number 6460 or just click here to go right to the plate. At just $2.99 this image plate is a steal! A solid, nicely etched plate with perfect transfers for that little? Win! Born Pretty Store has a plethora of nail art supplies at amazing prices, so be sure to have a look around while you're there. You can also use the discount code below to save 10% on your order!

I have more Indie awesomeness coming up, as well as more nail art goodies from Born Pretty Store, so check back soon!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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